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What Are the Top Industries for Developers Using JavaScript Frameworks?

20 January 2023 , by Marcelle van Niekerk

JavaScript dominates the list of the most used frameworks in the Netherlands. Among these, React, Node.js and Angular take the top three spots.

If you're interested in specialising in these frameworks, it helps to know which industries employ these developers so that you can make more informed career decisions.

Here are the industries where most developers that use Angular, React and Node.js currently work.

What Are the Top Industries for Developers Using JavaScript Frameworks?

Top 5 industries where React developers work

What Are the Top Industries for Developers Using JavaScript Frameworks?

React was created by Meta to meet its need for a flexible, fast and scalable JavaScript framework in the browser. Its simple mental model of one-way data binding, functional approach and component-driven architecture resonates with many SaaS startups looking for an edge. It’s particularly well-suited for building at speed, an important aspect of working within SaaS.

It’s a popular choice among developers looking for a powerful front-end tool — React stormed into the lead of the framework wars and shouldn’t relinquish that anytime soon.

Top 5 industries where Angular developers work

Top industries for Angular developers

Angular is a popular JavaScript framework for apps that have long-term stability and scale in mind, making it the perfect choice for FinTech businesses.

It has an opinionated and type-safe approach, as well as a full range of features. For example, its HTTP and testing libraries come standard, and it has its own style guide. This makes scaling Angular apps a breeze relative to other frameworks. Also, onboarding and upskilling new developers is relatively painless. Patterns learned on one Angular codebase can be easily transferred to another, ensuring that there’s always help on hand – a key to success in the fast-paced world of FinTech.

Top 5 industries where Node.js developers work

Top industries for Node.js developers

Node.js has been synonymous with cloud computing since the earliest days of the public cloud. As the first runtime supported by AWS Lambda at its launch in late 2014, Node.js enabled developers familiar with JavaScript to build and deploy modern full stack web applications at little-to-no cost and without having to maintain a server.

It remains a popular choice to build cloud-based solutions that need to handle a large number of connections, featuring built-in support for networking protocols and native integrations with Google Cloud.

Thanks to OfferZen developer Alex Steinberg, who contributed to this article.

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