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Resources: DevConf 2020: Yak Wallpaper
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DevConf 2020: Yak Wallpaper

30 August 2021, by Megan Boshoff

This year, OfferZen designed an exclusive ‘Shave the Yak’ t-shirt for DevConf. We know how disappointing it is to wait until after the lockdown to wear your awesome swag, so we’ve turned the epic yak design into a downloadable wallpaper to keep everyone company in the meantime. ;)


What does it mean to ‘shave the yak’

You have a goal, but first you need to do a little task. But before that, you have to do another one. Eventually, you find yourself ‘shaving the yak’: doing countless random tasks that take you miles away from your original goal.

This is sometimes called ‘going down the rabbit hole’. But it’s hard to fit a yak down a rabbit hole. Although, if you get hold of a tunnelling machine, maybe you could… Hold on! See what’s happening? We’re about to shave the yak!



We’re excited to see you rockin’ your new shaggy wallpaper!

Stay focused - and enjoy DevConf Live 2020! ;)

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