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OfferZen Updates: Braai of July: Connecting With Amsterdam's Tech Talent Sourcers
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Braai of July: Connecting With Amsterdam's Tech Talent Sourcers

By Brendan Jansen op de Haar

We’ve brought one of South Africa’s favourite past-times to Amsterdam to connect with a few of the top local tech sourcers: Our first-ever Braai of July! Here’s what’s behind it and a few pictures of the day.



We’ve been working on our mission to help software makers and tech companies unlock their potential for nearly five years now. This year, we’ve extended our mission to the EU. At our core, we’re about matching top talent with exciting opportunities in tech, so our business model revolves around adding value to people in the community.

That means, the more software makers and tech companies win, the more we win.

The reason we invest in the local community and bring tech people together through editorial services, podcasts and events like this one – is so that people within the tech ecosystem can share their experiences, connect with each other, and, ultimately, build awesome teams that reach their full potential.

Last week we hosted our first Braai of July event in Amsterdam - a get-together of the Netherlands’ top tech talent professionals. Check out the pics below. If you’re keen on joining future events, email me and we’ll keep you updated.

View the full photo gallery here

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