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Hiring Tips & Insights: [Downloadable Guide] How to craft a remote work policy that attracts South African developers
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[Downloadable Guide] How to craft a remote work policy that attracts South African developers

23 October 2023, by Marcelle van Niekerk

In this data-driven guide, you’ll get exclusive insights and data into:

  • Work policies and its impact on landing top developers.
  • How developers of different seniorities view remote work.
  • What developers are looking for to make the commute worth it.
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Your company’s remote work policy plays a deciding role when developers assess new job opportunities and retaining great tech talent. In our 2023 SA Developer Hiring Report, we asked about developers’ preferences for workplace policy.

The remote work policies that developers prefer

From the results, it’s clear that developers value work-life balance: They are evenly split between preferring fully-remote and hybrid work set-ups. The traditional office job stands out as deeply unpopular: Only a slim 3% chose this as their preferred option.

If you want to bring your team into the office, you’ll need to make a compelling offer.

With the RTO vs WFH debate going strong, we decided to ask developers where they stand on their work preferences.

Download the guide

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