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Tech Career Insights: 2022 Guide to Coding Bootcamps in the Netherlands
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2022 Guide to Coding Bootcamps in the Netherlands

06 May 2022, by Anne Gonschorek

It’s hard to get an overview of the coding bootcamps in the Netherlands and what they offer. That’s why we’ve assembled the most critical facts on costs, time and opportunities of tech bootcamps.

Guide to Coding Bootcamps in the Netherlands

Learning to code is not restricted to the classroom: 41.6% of software developers in the Netherlands initially learned to code by teaching themselves. Only 3.5% went through a bootcamp, although women are, on average, more likely to have attended a bootcamp than men.

So what are bootcamps and what do they offer?

What is a coding bootcamp?

The concept of a coding bootcamp is said to have originated in the USA in late 2011. Since then, it has taken off across the world and now, coding bootcamps are short, paid-for intensive programmes that are designed to teach the basics of software development to people of all experience levels.

They focus on more than just coding itself, factoring in the latest tools, industry trends, and often help prepare graduates for the working world. Schools have traditionally offered a choice between in-person or online bootcamps, with many offering a combination of both since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the options in the Netherlands work to bridge the gap between graduating and starting to work, typically through an in-house networking platform. The bootcamps in the Netherlands we are exploring in this article are:

How much do bootcamp courses cost?

Bootcamps are predominantly funded by student tuition. Schools with external sponsors and partnerships are able to offer some or all of their bootcamps for free. The tuitions of the bootcamp featured in this article range from €2400 to €7500.

What are the entry criteria?

Bootcamps are generally open to anybody with an interest in and an aptitude for coding. That said, it’s rare to find two schools in the Netherlands with the same acceptance criteria as another. They do however all want to understand your motivation for enrolling, along with gaining a sense of your attitude and work ethic. Pre-enrollment interviews are common and popular programmes might even run selection bootcamps if there are more sign-ups than available spots.


  • Location: Remote or on-site in Amsterdam.
  • Length of programmes: Fullstack Academy = 11 weeks fulltime, In-company training = 1 week.
  • Internships or job readiness training: Fullstack Academy graduates are job ready. This program comes with a job guarantee. Their current hiring rate is 100% after graduation, and the average days-to-hire is currently 32 days after graduation.
  • Focus areas of the programmes: Javascript, React, Databases and APIs, Redux.
  • Accreditation: NRTO (Nederlandse raad voor training en opleiding) and CRKBO (Dutch Central Register for Vocation Education).
  • Costs: There’s a €999 admission fee, that works on a “No cure- No pay” model. If the student doesn’t graduate or doesn’t find a job within 3 months, then Codaisseur waives the tuition fee. Students that successfully find a job have a tuition fee of €11,520. In almost 90% of the cases, the employer pays this back on behalf of the graduate in 24 monthly installments of €480.
  • Stipdends/scholarships: The bootcamp is accredited by the NRTO, which means that students can also apply to receive a Dutch subsidy (STAP budget). This is €1000 to use in education, and upskilling/reskilling. Codaisseur also currently have 25 scholarships available for women displaced by the current war in Ukraine.
  • Application process: Applicants register online and pick a start date, and are admitted to the Admission Training Camp. This is a week-long, intensive course where the student will be assessed on their technical and soft skills ( communication, team player, motivation, etc) while learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Le Wagon

  • Location: Remote or on-site in Amsterdam.
  • Length of programmes: 9 to 24 weeks, part-time or full-time.
  • Internships or job readiness training: Includes a reputable career services portal for graduates to find employment. They also host a career week with practical workshops and job training.
  • Focus areas of the programmes: Web Development and Data Science.
  • Accreditation: N/A.
  • Costs: €6500 to €6900 once-off, depending on the bootcamp. External financing and instalment payments offered, with a minimum deposit of €2500 when using these.
  • Application process: Online, requiring applicants to choose a course, their preferred format, the city they’re interested in, as well as writing a short introduction. An interview is scheduled shortly after.


  • Location: Hybrid (a combination of remote and on-site in Amsterdam).
  • Length of programmes: 9 to 24 weeks, part-time or full-time.
  • Internships or job readiness training: Careerhack is their internal career services program, which prepares graduates for the job search as well as helping them to find a job.
  • Focus areas of the programmes: Web Development, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design and Cybersecurity.
  • Accreditation: N/A
  • Costs: €7500 per bootcamp, with five different financing options available to pay monthly installments instead of doing so upfront.
  • Application process:
  1. An online written application form
  2. A personal interview to get to know the candidate better
  3. A final technical interview to assess the candidate’s ability to pick up the concepts that will be covered in the course quickly.


  • Location: Remote, with optional visits to offices in Maastricht and Utrecht for practical assignments, educator support and networking.
  • Length of programmes: 5 months, part-time or full-time.
  • Internships or job readiness training: Talent Pool is their in-house platform bridging the gap between graduates and potential employers. They also have four add-on retraining courses which are specifically designed to improve the possibility of graduates successfully entering the job market.
  • Focus areas of the programmes: Software Development and IT Security.
  • Accreditation: N/A.
  • Costs: €5800 per bootcamp upfront, with a subsidy advisor available to help with accessing grants and additional financial support if necessary.
  • Application process: A 5-step online application. The actual onboarding takes place on location.
  • Requirements: You’ll need to have either a HAVO, VWO or MBO4 diploma. Without this, a 21+ test is mandatory. Dutch language (level NT-2) is essential too.

Wild Code School

  • Location: Remote, but potentially adding on-site courses in Amsterdam in future.
  • Length of programmes: 5 months, part-time or full-time.
  • Internships or job readiness training: The school has an online recruitment platform called Wilders, as well as hosting regular ‘Job Dating’ and demo day events to help graduates learn more and network with potential employers.
  • Focus areas of the programmes: Web Development, Data Analytics, Product Management.
  • Accreditation: National Qualifications Authority.
  • Cost: €6500 per bootcamp. Financing options are location specific and are available by signing up to their guide.
  • Application process: A 3 step process, including an online application, motivational interview and a tech challenge interview with an instructor to assess overall potential.

Note that while this information was correct when the article was released, it is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, it’s always best to contact the organisations themselves.

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