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Tech Career Insights: How Managerial Experience Affects Dev Salaries
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How Managerial Experience Affects Dev Salaries

02 November 2020, by Harry Hands

Update: We’ve written a 2020 salary article comparing developer salaries in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria. Take a look.


After releasing an analysis of developer salary differences between Cape Town and Johannesburg, we continued our analysis with the impact of managerial experience on a developer’s salary.

When a user creates a profile on OfferZen, they are required to list previous roles and years of experience in each role. We use this data to match them with a company that will best utilise and reward them for their expertise.

One of the role options a user can select is “Managerial Experience”. We combined this with the salary data we get during a user’s job interview process and got the following.

Managerial experience demands a 50% salary premium

Managerial Experience vs. Technical Skills

Managers can have a larger influence on overall company output over other developers. It should thus not be a surprise that developers with managerial experience earn a salary premium over those without.

Our data indicates that companies will offer up to 60% more for candidates that have been managers before. This highlights the impact a manager can have on the performance and culture of a team and how much companies are willing to pay for the correct leader.

What is more interesting, however, is the rate at which a developer’s salary changes as their managerial experience increases.

Managerial experience redundant after first year

Managerial Salary Growth flat after 1st year

As expected, for every year that a developer specialises in a specific role, their salary will increase by approximately 10%. This, however, is not the case for managerial experience, which is almost flat after the first year.

This indicates that a developer gets a salary bump for managerial experience but isn’t rewarded for experience. A logical deduction is that companies see managerial experience as binary, rewarding developers for having been managers before but not for specializing in this discipline.

Management experience a proxy for experience?

After such a striking conclusion we wanted to stress test our result. Managerial experience is closely coupled with seniority - perhaps instead of analysing managerial experience we were just viewing the premium companies pay for senior developers from a different angle? Could a junior developer expect the same salary premium with managerial experience?

Manager Salary Premiums

Junior developers with any managerial experience earn 35-40% more

Junior developers with 0-1 years overall experience and any managerial experience can earn around R9 500 more than their peers. Intermediate developers with 2-4 years overall experience and some managerial experience can earn 35% more than similar developers without the managerial experience.

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FOOTNOTE: Experience years are on a per job-role basis. Examples of other roles: “front end developer”, “backend developer”, “mobile developer”, “devops”, etc. Each developer can list experience in more than one role and all listed roles were included in this analysis.

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