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Data report: Strategic hiring in a budget-constrained environment

31 January 2024 , by offerzen

Hiring and retaining top-tier software developers remains one of the most critical challenges for business growth. As traditional hiring pools become increasingly saturated, European tech leaders are looking towards emerging talent markets to expand their reach and secure the skilled professionals they need to drive innovation and growth.

Many, however, are still unaware of a talent pool that ticks many of their boxes right off the bat: South Africa is home to a growing pool of experienced software developers who are based in GMT+2, English proficient, have a growth mindset and whose salaries are, important in times of cost-efficient growth, cost-effective for European companies.

This comprehensive data report was created in collaboration with our friends from Playroll and tells you everything you need to know about why the South African talent pool is worth your time.

In this data report, you’ll get insights on:

  • Benefits of the South African talent pool
  • How South African salaries compare
  • What “hidden costs” you should expect

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