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5 Coding bootcamps in Berlin for kickstarting your developer career

14 July 2023 , by Simone Markham

Looking to begin your career in software engineering? Are you wanting to learn a new programming language or change your career path in tech? Whether you’re just starting out in development or pivoting into something like data science, product management or UX/UI design, Berlin has multiple coding bootcamps that can help you begin your journey.


We’ve put together a list of some of the best coding bootcamps in Berlin to help you decide which will be best for your goals.


This institute offers remote courses in UX and UI design, web development, data analytics, digital marketing, and product management. Most courses have tuition fees, but they have a few free short courses available too.

There are different courses available for those that are looking for a complete career change, people who would like an introduction to these fields, as well as advanced courses for individuals wanting to expand their skillset.

The introductory courses are around a month long and the advanced courses take only two months. The courses intended to help you pivot in your career are a bit more lengthy, and take around six to ten months to complete. Although there are set end dates and certain milestones to meet, the course schedules are completely flexible with no fixed class times.

You’ll get to work with a mentor that’s already an expert in the field you choose, and they offer personal career coaching from a specialist to assist you in securing your job after graduation. If you don’t find a job in your new field within six months of completing the program, CareerFoundry will refund you the full tuition amount.


Codeworks offers two full-time courses that aim to give learners an advanced understanding of JavaScript. The general software engineering course runs for twelve weeks, in which you’ll learn how to build complex apps. The web development course focuses on building full stack applications and takes eight weeks to complete.

There is also a short (10-20 hours), free introductory course on JavaScript they encourage those that have no experience or knowledge of coding to take before they commit to one of the other courses.

Codeworks offers online teaching for those that would prefer to learn remotely, and on-campus options for people that want to study on their Berlin campus in Kreuzberg. You can choose which option suits you best when applying to your course of choice.

There are finance options available for people that cannot afford the course fees upfront, such as paying the bulk only once you’ve secured a job. And after graduation, you have access to their international community and lifelong career support to assist you in building your software engineering career.


Based in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, Ironhack offers on-campus and remote learning options. You can select which suits you best when applying for the course you’ve chosen to pursue. And there are multiple courses available to choose from.

They offer bootcamp programs on web development, data analytics, UX/UI design, and cybersecurity. These courses require a fee, but they do have financial support available for those that cannot afford the tuition upfront. Alternatively, they offer a couple of free courses: one on JavaScript and another on UX design.

Their courses are nine to twelve weeks long if you’re studying full-time, and 24 weeks for those taking them part-time.

You can be completely new to software engineering and apply to Ironhack, as no previous coding experience is required for any of their courses, and they offer their students career coaches for guidance and support in the job search after graduation.

Le Wagon

Le Wagon runs web development, data science, and data analytics courses that range between two and six months long, depending if you’re studying full or part-time. The courses do require payment, but there are financing options available, such as spreading your payments out over time or through public funding.

They host free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks on their campus in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Their part-time courses are mostly online-based, but full-time students are expected to attend the live learning sessions on their campus.

After graduating from Le Wagon, you’ll have access to the course material indefinitely, as well as their professional network to explore career opportunities.

SPICED Academy

There are a few courses to choose from at SPICED Academy, including full stack web development, data science, data analytics and UX/UI design. No coding experience is required to apply to any of these.

All of SPICED Academy's courses are full-time and run for twelve weeks long. Their campus is based in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and is where you’ll attend for most of your course work. However, they do offer some online courses for those that can only study remotely.

They offer finance options for their fees, such as the opportunity to study now and pay the bulk of the tuition fees at a later date. They also offer career coaching to help you in landing your first developer job after graduating, as well as mentors to assist you through your course.

WBS Coding School

WBS Coding School offers courses on web and app development, data science, UX/UI product design, and marketing analytics. You don’t need any coding experience or knowledge to apply.

You can study either full or part-time, depending on the course you choose. You can choose whether you’d like to learn fully remotely, or in a hybrid setup with 13 weeks online and two weeks on their campus in Oberschoneweide, Berlin.

There are financing options available for those that can’t afford to pay the tuition fees upfront, either through public funding, by paying instalments, or only paying once you’ve secured a job.

WBS Coding School offers career support through workshops, interview prep as well as a professional network you can pull on throughout your developer career.

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