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Tech Career Insights: 2021 Guide to Coding Bootcamps in South Africa
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2021 Guide to Coding Bootcamps in South Africa

27 November 2023, by Marcelle van Niekerk

This article was last updated in 2021. Please reach out to the bootcamps for their latest pricing and requirements.

Many people who might have the aptitude for a career in tech either can’t afford to study formally towards a qualification, or are unaware of the alternative learning opportunities that are available to them. We’ve previously written about this topic, and have now updated the key info on coding bootcamps in South Africa!

Take a look at the updated information here:

We collaborated with coding bootcamp organisers to get you all the latest details about:

  • Location
  • Length of programmes
  • Internships or job readiness training
  • Focus areas of the programmes
  • Accreditation
  • Cost
  • Application processes

The following bootcamps are included in our updated guide:

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