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Topic: Tech insights
Programmable Banking Community: The Cutting Edge of Bitcoin Payment Tech
Luno co-founder Carel van Wyk shares details of his latest passion project, which takes Bitcoin closer to the holy grail of peer-to-peer payments.
by Nick Benson
Topic: OfferZen Updates
What is the State of the Software Developer Nation? Take the 2022 Survey!
We want to bring more transparency to developer careers and technical trends, so that you can make informed career decisions!
by Anne Gonschorek
Topic: Tech Career Insights
2021 Guide to Coding Bootcamps in South Africa
A formal degree isn’t the only way to get into coding. Here's an overview of coding bootcamps in South Africa! Our guide covers location, costs, and more.
by Marcelle van Niekerk
Topic: Tech insights
Top Python Communities in Amsterdam
Our State of the Netherlands' Developers Nation report shows that software developers want to work with Python. Here are top meetups in Amsterdam.
by Anthea Hartzenberg
Topic: Tech insights
Luno Co-founder Carel van Wyk on Levelling Up with Projects
Luno Co-founder Carel van Wyk learned to code by working on projects. He shares how projects help him keep his skills sharp.
by Gabi Immelman
Topic: Tech insights
How We Updated MongoDB on OfferZen with the Help of a Playbook
Upgrading the central database of a complex two-sided marketplace platform is not an easy task. We made a detailed playbook to help us navigate any issues.
by Kenny Chigiga
Topic: Tech insights
Top DevOps Meetups in the Netherlands
Do you care about continuous delivery with high software quality and agile processes? These DevOps meetups in the Netherlands are for you!
by Anthea Hartzenberg
Topic: Tech insights
How to Get the Most from Online Tech Events as an Attendee
Online tech events have opened a whole new world of content, speakers, and communities. Here are a few things that helped me to make the most of them.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: Tech insights
How to Run Better Online Tech Events
Your audience experience needs attention in the new online event landscape. Here's what we've learned.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: Tech insights
Programmable Banking Community: Making Programmable Banking Easier for Everyone
An easy to use web-interface solution for programmable banking, helping non-technical account holders to set up their own bank card rules quickly.
by Nick Benson

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