Find real software developers across Europe and Africa

Discover job-seeking developers across Europe and Africa
Discover job-seeking developers across Europe and Africa
3000+ developers joined OfferZen in the last 3 months. What are you looking for?
What are you looking for?


944 developers are actively looking, right now

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3000+ candidates went live in the last 3 months

944 candidates are actively interviewing right now

Active candidates are job seeking across 80+ cities

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OfferZen is a developer job marketplace where hiring teams...

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OfferZen developer profiles are standardised and curated by our team so you get upfront information on candidate experience, skills, salary, visa status, and career goals from the get-go.

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Shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, review your pipeline, and collaborate with your team all in one place.

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Make unlimited hires with year-round access to our curated marketplace of job-seeking developers.

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Yes, these are real candidates that are live on OfferZen right now. We regularly update this list to reflect the latest candidates.

We anonymise their information to protect their privacy. But we show just enough to give you an idea of their skills. To unlock full profiles, sign up to OfferZen.

You can only start reaching out to these candidates once you get access to OfferZen. Once you have access, you can use the advanced filters to find the best matches and view detailed information on each candidate. Get access to reach out to developers.

OfferZen does not source developers to be on the marketplace. Developers apply to join the platform when they are ready to find a new job.

That said, we take a community-first approach when it comes to engaging with developers. We do this by providing valuable content such as our State of the Developer Nation reports for South Africa and the Netherlands, as well as organising and sponsoring developer-focused events. Learn more about our community.

So far, we've handed out over 60 000 t-shirts and you'll see many developers collect those and have multiple OfferZen stickers on their laptops. Thanks to this approach, we've built a community of over 100 000 developers across South Africa and Europe.

Thousands of candidates apply to OfferZen on a weekly basis. Every day, our team reviews applicants and only accepts those who pass our curation criteria.

We curate candidates on two things: Quality and intent (looking for work). Every candidate goes through this process and has to speak to someone from our team before they can be listed on OfferZen.

To ensure quality, our team curates candidates by:

  1. Using an AI-powered algorithm to score how likely the candidate is to be placed on OfferZen, based on their work history, education and tech skills.
  2. Checking the available positions on OfferZen for each developer who signs up.
  3. Matching each accepted candidate with a Talent Advisor who helps them to become visible to companies.

To ensure intent (readiness to move jobs), each developer has a welcome call with their personal Talent Advisor. During this call, their Talent Advisor does the following:

  1. Checks for any indication that the candidate is not actually ready to change jobs.
  2. Reviews their profile to ensure that they are up to OfferZen standard.
  3. Explains that candidates are required to respond to requests to interview from companies within 48 hours.
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