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Unit A18 Westlake Square, Western Cape, South Africa

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What we do

VoxCroft’s is on a quest to redefine intelligence and become the global leader in risk analytics. We deliver the fastest and most reliable insight on critical security threats and changing global dynamics through an innovative blend of artificial intelligence, data science, and unparalleled human expertise. Our expertise lies in open-source intelligence, where we take publically available data such as social media, blogs, news, broadcast media etc. as input and glean insights and trends from it for our customers. Whether it's protecting critical infrastructure, detecting online misinformation, or optimizing humanitarian operations, our intelligence products and services give customers a powerful decision-making edge to shape policy and respond to crises with confidence.

Why Work For Us

VoxCroft’s innovation and commercial success is rooted in its people. We firmly believe we must attract, inspire, and grow the world’s finest team of innovators, leaders, and collaborators in order to thrive and solve complex global challenges. Indeed, true innovation comes only from the interaction between different people--including developers, political analysts, and data scientists--and we have an insatiable drive to catalyze your professional growth with the market’s most rewarding and inspiring work environment.

VoxCroft understands financial incentives alone are not enough to retain top talent. Although we offer competitive salary and benefits, we satisfy your intrinsic desire for greater autonomy, mastery, and purpose in the workplace. VoxCroft employees are trusted and challenged to push the envelope, drive and lead wherever they are in the organization. From day one, you will be empowered with great responsibility, and encouraged to propose new business concepts, participate in product design sprints--all without needing to conform to archaic corporate workplace rules, dress codes, and schedules. Bring your skills, bring your strengths, and we conform to you!

At VoxCroft, there is no limit to your career potential. Our employees desire a work environment where they can truly master their role, skillset, and career aspirations. We provide advanced tools and training, and encourage staff to take on stretch opportunities to acquire new skills and broaden their leadership and management acumen. The global nature of our business and clientele also affords inspiring opportunities to travel and collaborate with linguists and cultural experts around the world. In short, VoxCroft is a place that never stops learning!

Finally, the VoxCroft team is guided by a deep sense of purpose. Our staff believes VoxCroft is a part of something more important and we have an ethical duty to leverage emerging technology for the betterment of humanity. We choose our clients wisely and partner with businesses that have immense potential to keep people safe, protect communities, and solve global challenges. We also seek to make a positive difference in our communities with robust corporate social responsibility and paid time off for volunteering.

Our Engineering Processes

We are currently in-housing our development process from an outsourced team that will continue working with the company. We loosely follow scrum, and because of the critical nature of our solutions to our customers, we are religious about test-driven design and testing.

Our Hiring Process

We'll do a first quick call just to say hi. If we like each other, we'll go to a technical test, which will include 5 coding challenges that you can complete on your own computer over a 24 hour period using whatever resources you'd usually use while coding. Following a successful coding challenge, we'll invite you to meet more of the team either in person or virtually, and we'll do a more formal interview where you will also have the opportunity to get to know the team.

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Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
.Net Core 2.0
Amazon Lambda
Amazon CloudFront




Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES
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