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Find the signal in the noise with the 2023 Netherlands’ Developer Nation report.

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2022 Netherlands Report

State of the Software Developer Nation

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Skills & Tech Trends

Developers in the Netherlands are excited about Cryptocurrency and Python. AWS is winning the cloud wars.



The Netherlands’ tech industry has grown considerably in the past few years: The combined value of Dutch tech companies reached €296B in 2021 and VC funding in Dutch startups is higher than ever. As a software developer job marketplace, we’ve seen record numbers of companies hiring software developers on OfferZen, rising developer salaries, and more appetite for remote work from both candidates and employers.

The data of this year’s annual report confirms this global trend: Over two thirds of the survey respondents are foreigners now working in the Netherlands and remote work options have become table stakes. Despite this, 2 in 3 developers don’t receive a budget for their work from home setup, and 8% receive no monetary benefits in their current roles at all. In a competitive hiring market, not offering the basics could mean missing out on talent or losing team members to competitors.

I’m very grateful that we’re able to bring you this annual report for the second time. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the over 500 software developers in the Netherlands who contributed to this report by sharing their career aspirations and experiences in our survey.

I hope you find the report as insightful as I did. If you have any feedback or questions, give me a shout @PhilipJoubert on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to the discussions!

Philip Joubert
OfferZen Co-founder and CEO
Philip Joubert
OfferZen Co-founder and CEO


Hybrid is now the dominant work set-up in the Netherlands. 1 in 5 developers want to start their own companies.


Hybrid is now the Netherlands' dominant work set-up

9 in 10 developers in the Netherlands now work in a remote set-up

Developers' current work set-up
Hybrid (Remote and Office)

In the tech industry, remote went from niche to table stakes very fast. 9 out of 10 developers in the Netherlands are now in some kind of remote set-up: 70.4% are doing hybrid work from the office as well as from home, and 21.2% are working fully remotely.

That means only 8.4% of developers in the Netherlands are still working in a traditional office set-up!

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Only 1 in 3 developers in the Netherlands gets a budget for their remote set-up

Monetary benefits developers receive in their current jobs

Given the dominance of remote set-ups in the Netherlands, it's quite surprising to see that only 1 in 3 developers get a budget to support them. Even more shocking is that 8% of software developers in the Netherlands receive none of the common monetary benefits in their current roles. In a competitive hiring market for software developers, companies who are not offering standard benefits are bound to lose out on key team members.

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Salary benchmarking: Where do you stand?

Seniors in the Netherlands earn an average monthly salary of €5330

Average annual gross salary by seniority

2021 was a record-breaking year for tech IPOs and demand for software developers, especially seniors, has skyrocketed to unprecedented highs. As a consequence, we've seen trends like the "great resignation" and global salary increases for senior developers, because they can take their pick of opportunities. Thanks to remote work, the choice has now also become global.

Senior developers in the Netherlands are earning €64 000 per year, which will likely increase further since demand for senior developers is at an all-time high. This means that companies have to switch gear. If they can't afford to match the seniors' market-related salaries, they will have to focus on building out seniority from within by hiring less experienced software developers. Furthermore, they can get ahead by offering more of the other things that matter to developers.

If you are busy building out your tech team, check out what developers want from their next job in our 2022 Software Developer Hiring Report.

In order to give further context on the distribution of the 2022 salary data for software developers in the Netherlands, we’ve also included the 25th and 75th percentile salaries in this graph.

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Developers in the Netherlands are looking to make their mark as founders

1 in 5 developers in the Netherlands want to start their own company within 5 years

What developers want to be doing in five years’ time
A more specialised role
Same work
Founding my own company
A management role
Not software development

It's easy to see why software developers in the Netherlands are excited to make their mark as founders: The Netherlands is a global tech hub that has experienced ever-increasing VC investments in startups over the past three years. This makes it one of the best places to launch a startup in Europe. It's also interesting to see that software developers in the Netherlands seem to prioritise specialising within their roles over taking on managerial roles.

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70% of survey respondents currently working in the Netherlands are not Dutch-born.

Less than a third of survey respondents were born in the Netherlands

"Are you currently working in your country of birth?"

The Netherlands is a global tech hub attracting investment and workforce from across the globe. Looking at software developers' countries of origin is a great example of just how global the tech industry has become: More than two thirds of our survey respondents currently working in the Netherlands are not Dutch-born.

Note that OfferZen's community of software developers is distributed throughout Europe and Africa. Due to the nature of our business and audience, it's likely that this data reflects our focus on sourcing survey responses from our community of developers currently working in the Netherlands.

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Education & Learning

1 in 4 developers in the Netherlands have a Master's degree. 1 in 3 still use books to level up as coders.

Education & Learning

A developer's education is what they make of it

Female software developers are more likely to have learned to code at university

Where developers first learned to code

Learning to code is not restricted to the classroom. In fact, 41.6% of software developers in the Netherlands initially learned to code by teaching themselves, but men are twice as likely as women to have first taught themselves to code. Female software developers are, on average, more likely to have learned to code at university.

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1 in 3 developers in the Netherlands still use books to level up their coding skills

How developers continue to learn and improve their coding skills

As we've seen throughout the report, developers are committed to growing as coders. But how do they develop their skills? We asked developers for the most important ways they keep their skills sharp.

Online tutorials are the most popular way for developers in the Netherlands to improve their coding skills. 66.3% use them to stay on the cutting edge of their field. A further 60% spend time working on side projects. This is unsurprising given that the majority of developers in the Netherlands spend time coding as a hobby.

The real surprise? 1 in 3 developers are still using books and physical media as resources for keeping their skills sharp.

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1 in 4 developers in the Netherlands have at least a Master's degree or higher

Developers' highest level of education and further study focus area

Learning to code may not be restricted to the classroom, but developers in the Netherlands don't shy away from formal education. More than two thirds of developers have a bachelor's degree or higher.

In fact, 1 in 4 software developers have a master's degree.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of developers with a university degree chose Computer Science as their field of study. What's more interesting is that 1 in 5 studied another STEM field.

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The majority of developers in the Netherlands have brought down production at least once

Number of times developers have brought down production

Practical experience is the best teacher and making mistakes is a key part of any developer's education. Bringing down production is one such opportunity for learning.

The majority of developers in the Netherlands have brought down production at least once during their careers!

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The data in this report does not claim to be representative of the entire developer population in the Netherlands. Whenever the word 'developer' is used, it refers to the group of developers who took our #DevNationSurvey in 2021.

In cases where no data slicing occurs, all 510 valid responses were included. In order to shed light on survey participant characteristics, we’ve included the demographic breakdown of all 510 valid responses below. In some cases, we decided to exclude insights on gender and ethnicity because we felt that we could not do these important topics justice in the short-form format of this report.



Coding experience




Organisation size


OfferZen conducted a survey to find out more about the skills, work experience and job search behaviour of developers. The survey itself was hosted on Typeform. Respondents were contacted via emails sent to software makers in the OfferZen community and social media posts to the public.

A total of 860 people took the online survey between 18 October 2021 and 21 January 2022. Of these responses, 510 responses were counted as valid because they were from developers who are currently employed or have work experience in the Netherlands.

Data was anonymised in accordance with GDPR guidelines and is housed separately to any and all of OfferZen’s platform data. Percentages may not always add to 100% due to rounding or where multiple choices were offered.

The midpoint of a salary range has been taken for all insights where salary information is included. Salary in this report refers to gross salary before tax and excludes other benefits. We conducted statistical significance testing to verify insights regarding salaries. We have only included claims where we have at least 95% confidence.

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