About Zenotta


Baarerstrasse 57, Zug, Switzerland

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What we do

We're a startup creating a new model for data ownership based on blockchain technology. Through us, it becomes possible to own and trade data like in-game items, films, music, web analytics or IP and patents just like real world, physical assets.

Why Work For Us

You get to leave your mark by helping us build our patented technology systems from the ground up. We work on novel concepts and structures daily to ensure that the tech we build is lightyears ahead of the nearest competition, and we'll need your valuable input to help us stay there.

Our Culture

Zenotta has a typical startup culture, and boasts a very free-thinking dev team. We bounce around ideas for both work and play and try to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in everyone. We encourage others to pursue their own thinking, but are always open to good spirited critique and challenge in order to extract the best ideas.

Our Engineering Processes

We are still in the early days of our product, which means you'll get to decide how we orient the ship. We currently use a mixture of Gitlab, Slack and good old email to produce tech with Rust and JavaScript. Our network architecture, encoding protocols and blockchain are all written in Rust, while customer-facing content is written in JS. We hope in the future to transfer everything over to Rust through the lightning fast WebAssembly.

Our Hiring Process

We keep things simple: no unnecessarily tricky Leetcode questions, no take home assignments. Our process generally involves one call (or two max) where we talk about you, your work history, and how you'll fit in at Zenotta before we take a look at some of the code you've already written. We believe this gives us as good an indication of a potential candidate's fit as any.

Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2



Business Tools

Google Apps
Microsoft Teams
The headquarters for Zenotta are based in Zug, Switzerland