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Who we are

Wize Books, the most versatile and fastest-growing academic platform provider in South Africa providing customised, integrated solutions to private education institutions currently to the benefit of over 60 000 students in the country in obtaining their academic material in whichever format.

Our team’s combined experience of over 60 x years in the academic book trade coupled with a zeal for life and our ability to leverage from custom developed and integrated solutions to our corporate clients has resulted in exponential growth over the past 4 years with the demand from new institutions exceeding our current ability to onboard them.

This is giving birth to a new era to seize offering contract development work and to get our own SUPER A-team of rocket scientists/super brainy Dev’s to come alongside the owner/business analyst sculpting the future and leading method of academic textbook delivery in the private education sector in South Africa with highly scalable, maintainable, high-quality enterprise-level solutions.

What we do

We integrate with academic institutions and based on their unique business logic, we provide a seamless experience to their students enabling them to have their academic material within 48 hours anywhere in the country.

Some of the institutions we currently serve are owned by JSE listed companies whilst others are independently owned. Wize Books has recently been approved by EXCO of the largest Business School in Southern Africa. Accordingly, each institution brings a unique blend of requirements business logic and integrations requirements (both hardware and software) with the existing platform essentially functioning as the middleware/base for multiple front ends.

Our aim is to further pioneer our niche market and it is clear that the Education sector in South Africa is significantly increasing year on year enabling us and you to be part of re-defining the way in which South Africans obtain their academic material. This is also evident in our exponential growth over the past 4 years.

Our Culture

The foundation of our success has been our entrepreneurial CAN DO culture and our ability to understand and provide our clients with what THEY NEED breaking new ground with our innovative thinking.

Our values are not just something on a wall, but something we live by being:

  • Integrity – Doing what is right and just and walking securely in it
  • Passion – Living with enthusiasm and unwavering faith
  • Accountability – If it is to be, it's up to me
  • Quality – What we do we do well
  • Ownership – Being accountable for our actions and inactions  

Our Hiring process:

It’s a four stage interview process:

  • Stage 1 - A quick telephonic discussion
  • Stage 2 - Take a 10 mins prelim strength finder
  • Stage 3 - A face to face interview (technical and qualitative of nature) and detail discussion
  • Stage 4 - Based on Step 3, A Final Online Assessment
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Peak Times - Besides getting 1200 - 1500 web orders a day from across the entire South Africa, we also have a queue outside our store looking like we are giving away FREE U2 concert tickets! :-)
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