About VAT IT Ventrues


54 Melrose Boulevard

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We are a reg-tech ESG start-up on a mission to make ESG reporting and analysis effortless, stressless and audit viable, we work tirelessly to create an automatic end-to-end solution for enterprises that, are wanting to start or that struggle with ESG reporting guidelines, frameworks and reporting. We are backed by VAT IT Group, that serves over 13,000 customers worldwide, including numerous fortune 500 companies.

Our Culture
1. Passion
2. Innovation
3. Creativity
4. Leadership
5. Learning
6. Mentorship/Community

Why Work For Us
1. Exceptional growth opportunities

2. Start-up
3. Young team
4. Autonomy
5. Leadership

Our Hiring Process
1. Interview with EcoNest C-Suite
2. Interview with Founders

3. Home Assignment & Meet with sister-company CTO
4. Meet with VAT IT execs

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