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Who we are

VASTech is recognized internationally as a leading-edge innovator and preferred independent global supplier of telecommunications solutions to national governments and the law enforcement community.

What we do

VASTech offers a total, unified solution to national governments and the law enforcement community as a range of well integrated products. We develop custom, distributed and scalable big data solutions. These products are almost entirely developed by ourselves to solve a myriad of problems, such as:

  • Capture and analysis of signals and protocols from a diverse and ever growing source of telecommunication technologies such as satellite, fixed-line and mobile networks,
  • Data warehousing and storage of vast quantities of data and meta-data, and
  • Content analysis, collaboration, information retrieval and organization.

Why join us?

VASTech consists of a group of liked-minded Software, Hardware, Solutions and Support Engineers who are passionate about pushing the limits of what is possible. VASTech hires only the best and therefore ensures employees are very well remunerated, have access to top of the range tools and equipment in a flexible, casual work environment. VASTech sees all employees as shareholders and therefore employees share in the company profits.

Although we have a strong and healthy company wide culture, teams are encouraged to develop their own internal identity and sub-culture. Each team uses their own range of processes, technologies and tools to best get the job done.

We have a wide product range which means that we have a wide range of technical challenges that we can offer to our engineers. These range from RF and digital hardware development, embedded software development, distributed/server-side software development to client-side software development. We are actively pursuing research and technology development in the domains of telecommunications protocols, software defined radio, large-scale distributed systems, data analytics, data science and machine learning.

VASTech employees deliver solutions to a vibrant niche market that solve difficult problems that not many others are exposed to.

Many of our engineers are motivated by the trust VASTech puts in them to meet customers and end users. They get exposure to real problems directly reported from these customers and end users.

It is exciting and rewarding to conceive of, build and complete very large projects with complex solutions and see them used in challenging scenarios.

Our engineers grapple with large complexity but are aided through working in a team that has a diverse technical profile. Our engineers don't just solve problems gluing third party components together, but need to solve challenging problems through understanding the nitty gritty details. Often relatively junior engineers at VASTech get to work on problems that many other engineers will not see in their lifetimes.


VASTech understands the needs and requirements of software developers and engineers. Therefore, there are several career paths available to you within VASTech.

For example you could grow into the role of Specialist where you will become the "go to" person when dealing with a specific product or technology. Another possibility could be for you to grow into an Architect role where you would take complete ownership of the framework design for a product. Your career path could also steer you to the position of Engineering Manager where you will lead a team of engineers.

Moving into any one of these or similar career paths will be accompanied by a highly competitive salary.

Ideal Candidate: Software Engineer

VASTech is hiring exceptional Software Engineers. You need a solid understanding of development methodologies, distributed systems and system integration. You need exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to be able to function well in a team of like-minded people.

Strong analytical skills are a must as you will be expected to participate in the full life-cycle of system implementations (analysis, design, build, test, implement, support). You need to be versatile and enthusiastic to tackle new problems across the full-stack as we continue to push our technology forward. We value technical mastery and long ownership over quick-fix solutions.

We have a "right tool for the job" approach to software engineering and use a wide range of technologies and languages.

Interview process

VASTech typically has a three-phase interview process. During phase one, you will meet with Human Resources and an Engineering Manager to establish where your interests and strengths lie in the development field, and for us to get to know you better. This allows VASTech to establish which team will be the best fit for you as an individual. We also give you an insight into VASTech as a company and what we have to offer.

During phase two, the team manager and members of the potential team where we can see you best fitting in will be present. At this point, we will have you sign an NDA in order for us to go into more detail regarding our technologies used and our products. This phase is of a technical nature and our technologies, day-to-day activities in the team and problems / challenges the team faces are discussed openly. You may also be required to complete a technical and/or coding test to broadly evaluate your competencies.

Phase three of the process is more aimed at establishing if there is a culture fit with the team you will potentially be joining. This a more a general discussion where all remaining questions and uncertainties are ironed out and discussed. Please note that you may be required to undergo a psychometric and / or polygraph test.

Highly Competitive Salaries
Top of the range tools and equipment
Best coffee
Profit Share
Great Work-Life Balance
Casual dress code
Build something that makes a difference
Mentorship program
Further your education
Dual monitors
Travel opportunities
Work with cutting edge technology
Showers in the building
Office is very close to a gym & mtb trails
Remote work
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