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At Ubusha, we make it our mission to be trusted advisor to our clients, whether we are engaged on small to medium or enterprise wide projects, Ubushians are there to deliver a world class, sustainable solution that meets the client's business and ICT requirements. Are you that person?

What to expect ...

Each area provides its unique challenges and each demands high levels of competency and professionalism. We strive to grow our employees and have an excellent reputation and a proven track record within the industry for producing certified professionals in a diverse set of ICT related fields.

Are you ready?

To succeed within Ubusha, it takes a special type of person who will be dedicated and committed to not only constantly improving themselves, but also growing with Ubusha as a company so that we may continue to make our vision a reality.

Why does Ubusha need developer skills?

Our solutions are typically vendor products, these products have a feature set that delivers value to our customers on day one. No customer is ever content with just the out-the-box features. Since the majority of products either have a set of API's or has a framework that allowed for more custom features, we require that certain consultants at Ubusha have a developers mindset and key abilities, this could be you.

What is our evaluation process?

We will do the normal offerzen thing as a start, but at some point it needs to get real. As a positive outcome things can go one of two ways ... your experience speaks for itself and we have bumped into you in the industry before - congratulations you are hired ;-) well almost or we will want you to complete a proof of skill. We will also typically want to have a meeting with you .. be it online or face to face.

Our proof of skill varies, but typically this is a practical "show of what you have mastered" and how well you can work under pressure. The task will require 3 to 6 hours over a maximum of 3 days to complete - you manage your time, do regular commits and we will track your progress.

What else can trip you up?

You need a clean bill of health when it comes to a criminal / fraud check.
A low risk score when you look at your credit scores ( our clients are very picky who gets to work with them).
Own transport when needed.
A desire to grow in ability - be it technology / product focused development.

What is our expectation?

Identity Management Developer (Java)

You will participate in all aspects of the SDLC lifecycle including design, implementation and deployment.
XML, SPML/SOAP, Web and Application Servers, HTML are web technologies that you have demonstrable experience in. Your language experience / certification include some of the following Java, BeanShell/JavaScript, JSP/Servlets, SQL. You have integration and data management experience with some of the following Databases Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL and directories LDAP, AD.

What will you be doing?

Identity Management Developer (Java)

As a developer at Ubusha you will work with various project teams and ...

  • will be provided requirements which you will need to analyse and develop components for.
  • will be expected to have a good understanding of the product APIs in order to best achieve these requirements.
  • will be develop custom workflows, scripts and rules as part of the development process.
  • will make use of version control.
  • will also be able to interface with the various project team members to get a better understanding of the requirement and sound board ideas for solutions.
  • will be required to work independently to develop component using supported API interfaces.
  • will be required to understand the architecture of the products that you develop against to ensure you have a solid high-level understanding of their functionality and capabilities.
  • will be required to unit test your component and assist the project team in ensuring the overall solution is successfully deployed to the client's environment.
Exposure to Enterprise Blue-chip companies
Exposure to industry leading Vendors in the Security space
Flexible hours
Team support and mentoring
No Politics
Good Coffee :)
Friendly work environment
Relaxed culture and work environment
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Java script
Microsoft sql server



Business Tools

Google apps
Google Apps
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