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Tilig is the account manager for everyone. We aim to organize and simplify everyone's online lives by making passwords a thing of the past, accounts easy to use and subscriptions simple to manage. In our first stage as a Silicon Valley startup, this means we're creating the first and only truly free and easy to use password manager. In the future, we'll handle all your minutia, from organizing and handling your payments to ending difficult subscriptions.

Tilig is backed by Sid Sijbrandij of GitLab fame, and is led by an independent team of highly experienced product professionals. We're always looking for new talent, so check out our open positions and, if you don't see your role there but think you'd be a good fit, reach out to us!

We're a friendly, passionate and creative team, looking for like-minded individuals to join us in our mission to change the way people interact with the web. If you're driven in your work and want to make a positive impact, we'd love to hear from you!

Why Work For Us

As part of a small, talented team, you will have direct input into decisions and will have a major impact in development and the contribution of ideas. You’ll have the opportunity to truly impact the direction and success of the product and our company.

We're also fully remote, so you can work from the comfort of your home and have flexibility around when (and where) you prefer to work. If you prefer a regular 9-5 schedule at your desk, no problem, but if you're a wizard that pumps out all your best work from your couch at night, that's no problem either! You're free to plan your day how you like. We're also focused on results, not on long hours, so that you can have a life and don't burn out.

Our Culture

As a fully remote company, we embrace the ideal of creating an international and richly diverse company consisting of helpful, kind, motivated, and talented people. Currently, our team is located throughout the USA and the Netherlands, which we hope to expand to other countries rapidly.

We're a highly communicative team, using daily "stand up" meetings, Zoom calls and Slack chats to discuss all aspects of the company and are open to constructive feedback from anyone in any position, as we believe that great work comes from clear communication and open collaboration.

Tilig's six core values are Collaboration, Results , Efficiency, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Iteration, and Transparency, and together they spell the CREDIT we give each other by assuming good intent.

Our Engineering Processes

We loosely follow the Agile development process with two-week sprints, where we outline general goals for each sprint in advance. As a startup, new possibilities and shifting goals mean that these are not planned far in advance but are assembled as team to best iterate toward the greater vision of building the world's most user friendly account manager.

Engineers (and other team members) each hold responsibility over their own components but collaborate to achieve the best results. This means, for example, that the lead iOS developer has ownership over the technical decisions made to achieve the goals set out by the team and Product Manager for iOS, but can recruit help from an Android developer to discuss the implementation and use of a common library to help maintain coherence between platforms.

As our application needs to be available on as many platforms as possible, we maintain native iOS and Android apps, a web app, and a Chrome-based web extension with compatibility for numerous browsers. We also need to maintain a high level of security, meaning we have access policies in place for sensitive backend components, which run on AWS, GCP, Firebase and Kubernetes, primarily built in Ruby.

Our Hiring Process

  • As a startup, our hiring process is pretty straightforward:
  • Resume review
  • Initial screening of 30m with the Head of Engineering
  • First interview (30m) followed by a 30m live coding challenge
  • Second interview (1h) with the Head of Engineering and the Head of Product, including a discussion of the first coding challenge results
  • A second coding challenge: 2~3 hours
  • Offer
A generous compensation package
Generous home office reimbursements
Reimbursements for the latest Apple equipment
Flexible working hours and days
Highly innovative work and inspiring colleagues
Opportunity for rapid growth and skills development
Possibility for learning via additional courses supporting you in your projects and activities
Regular social events with colleagues, such as gaming
Be part of and shape an ambitious startup company
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Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services


Android Studio


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

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