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What we do

Teraflow.ai is a Boutique Data Engineering and Machine Learning consultancy providing solutions for two major problems.

  1. Our client's data is fragmented and inaccessible across legacy applications and datasets, leading to the inability to access real-time data in machine learning models. We solve this using ETL and real-time data pipelines; we centralise that into Big Data warehouses in the cloud.

  2. Our client's data scientists struggle to productionise and scale their models, leading to them using sample data and use the models in pre-production environments, not knowing how to productionise it. We solve this by using MLOps in the cloud, leading to tangible business value, like bringing NLP into chatbots, automating procedures, etc.

The outcome is we Make AI Work!

Why Work For Us

Our clients struggle to get their data into an AI-Ready Structure, and it's where we thrive and excel in solving real-world data challenges!

And it's why we have a staff first philosophy, customers second, and partners third. We believe this staff first approach should give you the freedom to create a real impact by expressing your potential by:

  • Developing the right skills to solve complex data problems
  • Being exposed to innovative challenges and solutions
  • Being part of a new, modern remote way of working

This approach has allowed us to grow to over 20 staff in the last 18 months into an expanding global footprint, with operations run out of London and Johannesburg.

The rocket ship has launched. Are you up for it?

Our Culture

Our Cultural Pillars:

We are building a business that enables us to deliver a massive impact rather than produce an output?

Impact happens when our staff innovate around solving real problems that translate into real change that betters their own lives, and the lives of those they serve

Great work only happens when people feel free to create a great job. Autonomy is freedom, and freedom is responsibility! We pick people who thrive on taking responsibility for growth.

Teams work as a cohesive unit where inspiration is sought over instruction. Create a context. Lead by doing, not telling. We pick people who are open-minded and who are willing to be wrong in a team context.

The best ideas come from everywhere. Not the top. And nothing kills innovation than dummy proofing the business with excessive rules and policies. We pick people who are willing to share new ideas, admit to their mistakes, and question their bosses' way of doing things.

CANDID FEEDBACK: Helps avoid misunderstandings, creates a climate of co-accountability and reduces the need for hierarchy and rules. We pick people who understand trust is built by sharing honestly and candidly.

Our Engineering Processes

At Teraflow, once a project has been accepted by the client, we kickstart the engineering process. This process is made up of the following:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Agile Development
  4. Working in sprints

Project Initiation - During this step, we identify team members and team leads to determine the time and work required to complete the project.

Planning – At this stage, the team gets together with their sponsor or product owner and identifies exactly what they are looking for. They discuss how this will be made possible by building the backlog at the story level. Prioritisations are based on business value and dependency.

Agile development - Once the requirements have been defined based on feedback from the
product owners and stakeholders, the actual work begins. Agile product development delivers high-quality working products in incremental phases, sprints, or iterations.

Working in sprints – Teraflow teams deliver in sprints by following these five guidelines:

  1. Working with team and stakeholders on Monday.com.
  2. Maintaining quality by following coding conventions and style guidelines.
  3. Prioritising goals set by stakeholders who are given the scope, budget, and schedule of the project.
  4. Delivering working products at the end of every cycle.
  5. Testing and giving feedback all the time. Open-communication is the key.

Teraflow team members are expected to document their work and code while working on their respective projects.

Our Hiring Process

Our business is growing globally at pace! We are looking for what we call A-Players to join us. To help us, we have adopted the TopGrader recruitment process.

We recognise that hiring great candidates does not happen without significant effort! Our experience shows that the first failure point of hiring is not being crystal clear about what we need our potential candidates to accomplish.

Each of our positions has a well-structured and defined scorecard that helps future candidates understand what is required. The scorecards describe:

  • The mission for the position,
  • The outcomes that must be accomplished,
  • And competencies that fit with both our culture and the role.

These three pieces describe and define the A-Player performance in the role and provide a clear linkage between the people we hire and our strategy.

The Interview Process
To achieve this, we will use up to four interviews:

The first is the screening interview that looks at:

  1. What are your career goals? 3 accomplishments and failures with examples.
  2. What are you really good at professionally?
  3. What are you not good at or interested in doing professionally?
  4. Who were your last five bosses, and how will they rate your performance on a scale from 1-10 when we talk to them? Reason for leaving etc. We will ask for your latest 3 references and contact them to find more details about you.

From the screening Interview, we go through the following interviews:

  1. The TF Interview builds on the screening interview questions, which help find the candidate that best fits the scorecard. A team member from Teraflow might assist with the interview.
  2. The Review Interview with a broader selection of Teraflow managers and executives.

PLEASE NOTE that this process varies for the seniority of the position. For example, a junior data engineer who has just qualified from the university will be different from a senior data engineer with multiple job experiences.

After your interviews are done, we’ll bring everything together from your application and interviews and review it.

Once you’ve accepted the offer, the Teraflow onboarding team will walk you through compensation, benefits, and so on, after which you are on your way to becoming a Teraflow team member!

We are a globally growing business with expanding global work opportunities
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React Native
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