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What We Do

We've created a platform that calculates scenario-based revenue predictions. This allows companies to weigh different scenarios against each other and accordingly make strategic decisions. We are using cutting edge methodologies that have been tried and tested by our founding team during years of consulting work (most notably, the marketing success of a global mobile gaming company was based on this methodology).

We are building something new and creating a new category of product. Join us and be part of creating something unique.

Why Work For Us

We consist of industry veterans and experienced tech company founders with successful venture exits. Our founding team consists of:

We've landed globally-known companies and one of the largest VCs in Europe.

Our Culture

We are a flat structured, close-knit team that wants to have fun while also building really cool products that we get excited about. Since inception we've implemented a remote working policy, with one day per week dedicated face time at the office (at Workshop 17 in the V&A Waterfront). Individuals that will do well with us will be independent, intellectually curious, opinionated & self-managing,

We have weekly 1-on-1s in order to make sure that our expectations of each other are aligned. Furthermore, biannual reviews are utilised as an opportunity to ensure that job descriptions are still relevant and that they reflect what is expected from the next 6 months.

Our Engineering Processes

We're still a small team which means that we all wear many hats. When possible we choose processes that will enable both high alignment and high autonomy. We try not to be overly descriptive with documentation and requirements and instead we take an iterative approach to developing our platform (with the occasional larger epic when we are introducing completely new and larger features).

Our day-to-day development process is largely driven by trying to keep the peer review process as effective as possible. That means that as a rule we strive for ever more frequent and smaller unit-tested stories to go through our CI/CD pipeline.

Our Hiring Process

We typically perform two in-person interviews and one technical assessment to determine if the interviewee has both the required skills and the self-drive to thrive in our company which is followed by a small coding assignment.

Flexible hours
Remote Work
Agile Environment
Weekly 1-on-1s
No Dress Code
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Web Services


IntelliJ IDEA


Amazon Route 53

Business Tools

Google Apps
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