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What we do

We build cool technology.

We are creating solutions for the future of work with agile workspace technology to unlock human potential.
Our solution enables simple implementation of hot-desk reservation, room scheduling, and visitor management.
We use QR Codes, IoT sensors and display devices which allows people to easily engage with physical resources.

By using mobile technology, the internet of things, and a microservices architecture; we are connecting the physical environment, people, and the cloud.
Our goal is to improve mental and physical wellness, employee satisfaction, and workforce productivity; while providing key insights on your people, buildings, and assets.

Why Work For Us

We enable you to realise your potential.

You will come onboard at the ground floor of an exciting startup adventure that is positioned to do amazing things. Your personal growth and learning is important to us and you will develop new skills, experience and knowledge.

We are well funded by an innovative and entrepreneurial private company that is pioneering new African technology. You will develop a healthy network of people in all sorts of different industries and markets.

Our Culture

We're a kickass team.

We have cultivated a friendly team-spirit based environment where everybody is given a chance to add value in their own unique way. That is why all our job-specifications always start with the first requirement needing to be a good attitude. You can teach technical skills but a positive attitude is something you need to be pre-installed with.

Our motto is to have fun, work hard, make money, but most importantly it is to bring a positive and meaningful change to as many people's lives as possible. Through the technology we are creating but also but being role-models for everyone we interact with on a daily basis.

Our Engineering Processes

We do it right

  • Build properly
  • Test like crazy
  • Deploy swiftly
  • Improve humbly
  • Repeat diligently

Our Hiring Process

We employ lekker people.

  1. First step will be a 10 to 20 minute video call with the founder
  2. Completion of a points based coding challenge
  3. Human Resources will handle the paperwork
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