About Lucky Beard - A Global Design and Advisory Firm


Suite 17, Southdowns Ridge Office Park, Centurion

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Our Ambition

To create an exciting and sustainable business;
a home where exceptional talent can make a 
meaningful difference.

What defines us

We are a global design and advisory firm for restless leadership teams. We help build businesses, brands, products and experiences for the customers of tomorrow. Our company is made up of exceptional humans with refreshing perspectives, deep expertise and unconventional wisdom.

What unites us

Be a good human:
It's as simple as that. Respect and kindness are non negotiable. Life is too short for it to be any other way.

Roll your sleeves up:
No-one stands on the sidelines, we all get stuck in . It's the only way to get things done. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Never settle:
Complacency is our sworn enemy. Everything can and should be improved, and then improved again after that.

Give a damn:
We don’t have lots of people. We have special people who care deeply about what they do and who they do it with.

Find a way:
There will never not be knots, roadblocks and obstacles, there will also never not be solutions if you make the effort to look.

Make it simpler:
The world is complicated enough already. We keep things simple, we make things clear and we say it as it is.

How we do it...

If it doesn’t
 exist, we build it:
We build products and businesses from scratch based on an industry gap or current inefficiency. Keep in mind, the businesses that will thrive in the world of tomorrow might not yet exist.

If it’s behind, 
we transform it:
Innovating from within can be difficult to achieve. That’s why we step in to help businesses modernise themselves through transformation and growth.

If it’s inefficient, 
we optimise it:
We future proof already successful businesses by unlocking their untapped potential, growth opportunities and completely new verticals.

What does design mean to Lucky Beard

Business design:
We discover new opportunities for growth

Brand design:
We build brands people can believe in

Product design:
We build products people will fall in love with

Experience design:
Create experiences 
that bring joy

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