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85 Regency Drive, Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene, Centurion

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Etion Limited is a diversified digital technology group, driven by ethos of innovation, energy and action.

We create, digitise, connect and secure both generic and client centric digital technology solutions to improve the safety, productivity, connectivity and cybersecurity of our customers, with one purpose, to advance humanity forward.

Our Purpose: Advancing Humanity Through Technology


  • Most Empowered Company on the JSE 2017
  • Top Women Awards
  • Top three gender empowered technology Empowered Companies
  • Gauteng Premiers Service Excellence Awards 2017

Our Personality:

We are creators. We have the power to produce something that previously only existed in the imagination.
We have a “never say die” attitude. We work hard and smart. We always think of the bigger picture.
We have the ability to conjure concepts that others cannot even imagine.
We redefine the conventional ways of working. Believes in bringing in the best talent, and then nurturing them.
We are inspired and intuitive. We are driven, creative and unconventional. We pursue our vision with tireless enthusiasm, passion and energy.
We believe in self-analysis. We are a rare breed. We celebrate success... #WeareEtion

Our Engineering Processes

We invest heavily in the research and development of cyber security products to make sure we stay ahead of those trying to infiltrate your business. We have developed a range of hardware and software solutions to make sure your business is always kept safe.

All of Etion Secure’s cyber security products leverage our electronic design and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring customers sensitive information is safeguarded through tamper proof/evident hardware-based cryptographic and software solutions. These cover a wide range of information and cyber security applications of interest to government, enterprises and individuals alike.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Skype Interview: HR
  2. Screening process
  3. Panel Interview: Dev Manager, CTO & HR
Support Life-long-learning
Opportunities to participate in outdoor group activities – running; hiking; cycling
Daily breakfast cereals; Monthly birthday lunches
Flexible Hours
Friday afternoon socials & pool
Birthday Leave
Community Involvement
Tech Stack

Application and Data

.Net Core 2.0




Google Analytics

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