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No-one trusts the insurance industry. It’s one of those things you do because there are no other options. We’d like to change that. We are a group of dynamic, fun insurance people who are building a top notch development team to change the face of the insurance industry forever. If you want to make a real difference in a startup environment, get in on the ground as we’re kicking off the development effort any day now.

We’re rebuilding the value chain from the ground up using modern tech (no awful legacy insurance systems), to make the customer experience fresh and delightful – and cutting out the conflicts that breed distrust. We believe insurance should be a social good, and are aiming to be SA’s first real peer to peer insurer.

Our Culture

Relaxed, honest, transparent - we're real people who are passionate about what we do. Most of us come from a corporate background, though, so we may need some educating as to how it's done in a startup - but we promise to not bring too much corporate (insert relevant adjective) into the mix.

Our Engineering Processes

We’re looking for devs with experience in node.js, react.js and know their way around a database. This is a startup, so we’re looking for people who like to get their hands dirty with the full stack. We’re doing agile development the way it was intended, not some hack of waterfall with ‘stories’ as a spec. It’s going to be a small team to start with, so you’ll get to be involved in a way that really matters.

Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon ec2
Amazon EC2
Amazon s3
Amazon S3
Java script
Node js

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