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Our head office is in Wembley Square in Cape Town. But we are a remote first company.

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Remote First

Our environment is designed to foster innovation and enable collaboration, working from one of our Tech Hubs in South Africa, Kenya or Portugal. We operate a remote first working approach where working remotely is our default way of working. We have co-working spaces available in Cape Town and Nairobi for collaboration and connection and for the use of those who value and want to work out of an office. We provide access to co-working spaces on a needs basis for collaboration and connection for all our engineers and employees working from our Porto hub.

Our mission

We’re building next-generation financial services technologies to empower emerging market entrepreneurs.

Our partners use our technology stack to offer savings, lending and insurance products to entrepreneurs in emerging markets. These next-generation products give anyone with a cell phone and mobile wallet access to unprecedented financial choice, enabling millions of people to prosper, build their businesses and drive economic growth.

Founded in 2015, JUMO has scaled rapidly and now employs over 350 people in 11 countries, with 7 global hubs and 6 active markets. Since inception, we’ve served over 13 million customers and disbursed over $1B in funds. We’ve come this far through hard work, ceaseless collaboration and a love for solving tough problems. If you’re passionate, inquisitive, and believe that every entrepreneur deserves to be sped on to success, join us as we continue to shape the future of inclusive finance.


Technology has always been at the core of what we do at JUMO. Our mission is to build and optimise products and services to improve the lives of emerging market entrepreneurs. From leveraging non-traditional data sets through machine learning, to developing and deploying mobile apps that offer unrivaled choice for the end user, our data and engineering teams are working to solve problems that impact millions of people’s lives.

Life at JUMO

We’re passionate about developing high impact products and services that empower emerging market entrepreneurs. JUMOnauts are intellectually curious people, motivated by our mission to use technology to tackle financial inclusion. We take ownership of what we do, like to lead, and don’t settle. Our focused determination and ability to set one another up for success helps us always deliver to promise.

How we work (and play)

We don’t direct people, we enable them. That means inspiring one another to lead and develop potential. At JUMO, ‘devolved leadership’ is not just a phrase. It means truly encouraging autonomy relative to skills and business understanding. To achieve this, we place a high value on transparency, making as much information as possible available to everyone. We developed BREATHE, a wellness programme to enable JUMOnauts to work smart and feel energised and motivated.

Become a JUMOnaut

At JUMO, we’re looking for people with integrity, passion and vision. A blueprint for our mission doesn’t exist, which is why we look beyond qualifications and experience when hiring JUMOnauts. In our experience, the best person for the job is not always the one who simply ‘checks the boxes’. We think not only about what you can contribute today, but also what impacts you’ll have in the future. If you believe that you have the grit and passion to enhance our culture and move us forward on our mission, join us!

Collaborating with smart, engaging people in an inspiring office space
Solving stimulating challenges alongside international teams
Continuous learning and development
Recognition for exceptional performance & impact
Being autonomous and empowered to lead
Unique & exciting career stretch opportunities
Promotion of personal well-being
Provision of quality equipment & infrastructure
Flexible work practices enabling your best delivery
A stack of leading-edge technologies
Remote First working enviroment
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
Spring Framework


Circle CI
New Relic


Amazon Route 53

Business Tools

Google Apps

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