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About us
We are the leading security communications network manufacturer in South Africa. We manufacture the hardware as well as implement systems (software, networks, etc.) to allow the latest in features to reach our users.

Why work at FSK Electronics
To work for a smaller development team means that you gain broader experiences and get to learn on the fly - you are not stuck as a specific type of developer. This allows you to get that sense of ownership and accomplishment. We believe that this experience will benefit our employees for the rest of their lives. We are open to new ideas and pursue as true R&D.

Our culture
Within our development team one has to be self disciplined and have a love for programming, electronics and tech. Although we try to assist each other we believe that self learning and exploration to be the best method to advance. We are outcome driven and as such it could either be relatively relaxed or very strenuous depending on your personality.

Our development process
We do not subscribe to models such as AGILE due the the size of our team. Based on workloads - projects are assigned to the applicable person in the pool with most of the required skill-sets. Most projects will be individual based and will be from DB design through to front-end websites, android apps etc.

Interview process
We will normally conduct 2 to 3 interviews. The first interview will be with the head of development and is more targeted at discovering one another and seeing if we are the right fit for one another. Should this go well we will arrange another interview that may contain some simple programming questions as well as meeting with top management. After the interview process we will compile a short list and then start negotiations with our possible new team member.

We are not overly strict on working times.
Leave times are usually flexible with only the last few days of the year being compulsory.
We have a varied pension scheme, Loss of income, Funeral plan, Life and school cover as benefits.
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
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Android Studio


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps

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