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Ducharme Consulting (DC) is a reputable firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Consultants who aim to deliver unsurpassed, quality service to our clients.

Our company specializes in improving the financial management and accounting function for Public Sector Entities. We assist entities to compile IPSAS/GRAP compliant budgets, fixed asset registers, and annual financial statements and to improve strategic financial management functions such as performance, organizational restructuring, corporate governance, risk management and supply chain management. We also assist entities with MSCOA budgeting and reporting.

We focus on improving the ability of the entity to comply with all relevant finance legislation and best practice requirements by designing and implementing a wide range of finance standard operating procedure manuals and tools.

Ducharme Consulting’s vision is to become THE Leader in Public Sector Financial Management and Accounting Consulting and Training in Africa and the world.

Ducharme Consulting (DC) is committed to, and is currently:
- Providing value-added financial management and accounting training and consulting services to the Public Sector in South Africa, Africa and around the world.
- We assist the Public Sector to understand the requirements of financial management and accounting theory and how to put these requirements into practice, including the effective implementation of IPSAS, GRAP, and IFRS.
- Utilising highly qualified and experienced facilitators and consultants to provide training and consulting services.
- Encouraging and assisting public servants to focus on implementing standard finance operating procedures to improve the quality of Public Sector Financial Management in South Africa, Africa and globally.
- Providing relevant and effective e-learning courses in financial management and reporting.

“We help you put finance theory into practice!”

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