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At d6 education we are all about increasing the effectiveness of schools. We are passionate about improving the administrative and communication processes within schools, to increase their operational effectiveness and allow them to put their energy where it is needed most - in the classrooms!

What We Do

We develop web based software products to help the schools in their daily operations. Our products are developed on a pretty typical LAMP stack with all of the usual supporting technologies, but we do have a pretty cool configuration to provide scalability and resilience, including memcache, load balancing, replication and fail-over to make sure we are rock solid.

Our primary focus is on the following:

  • A school administration system which provides all of the administrative functions that come with managing a school - capturing family and staff information, configuring the curriculum, recording marks, attendance & discipline, calculating progression & retention, generating report cards and other reporting, managing finances and communication. This is a fully integrated product with all of the various modules interacting to provide a seamless, holistic solution for the school.

  • A stand-alone communication system which allows the schools to communicate directly with their parents via mobile and desktop clients.

We try to keep things as agile as possible, and work on a continuous release process to make sure we deliver the most value possible in the shortest time. We are always trying to improve what we do and how we do it, and the culture is inclusive - we are in this together and we should all be part of creating the solution and enjoying the journey.

Our Interview Process

We start by asking you to join us for a developer challenge, where we provide you with a computer, an internet connection and a set of problems to solve. The questions are based on the various technologies that we make use of in our development environment, and provide us an opportunity to see how you problem-solve, and what level of expertise you possess in the various technologies. This also affords you the opportunity to experience our office environment, and the team dynamics.

We ask you to stay for at least an hour, but if you are having so much fun that you want to stay longer, that’s cool too!

After you leave, your solutions will be reviewed by our dev team lead and our head of technology. Our HR department will then contact to let you know if you have made it to the next round, or if the tribe has spoken...

The next round will be the typical interview process you are more familiar with, where we will go through personal and career details to see if we have a mutually fuzzy feeling about each other.

We are looking for team members to start immediately, so depending on your availability, you could be working with us in under a week!

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