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What we do

Videosupport enables businesses to provide better and faster customer support through recorded customer videos.

We allow customers to record and share videos directly with a product’s support team. Issues can be identified and resolved in a smooth way, benefitting both businesses and their customers.

Videosupport is situated at the crossroad of two trends: customer empowerment and digital transformation. More than ever, customers expect personalized experiences, and technology makes companies able to meet those expectations.

Videosupport is an official Intercom app partner.

Videosupport automates customer support processes by **allowing customers to easily record & share videos of their issues.

Our goal is to ultimately make customer support frictionless & automated, remove frustration, and allow customers to resolve their problems easily.

If you ever had trouble explaining a problem through a customer support chat, or have been frustrated bouncing around between chatbot replies, then you’re familiar with the exact problem that we’re solving!

Why Work For Us

We value having an environment with open & transparent communication, where all ideas are heard and discussed, and people have ownership over their work domain. We will work together on setting goals and milestones for each project, but each team has ultimate technical responsibility for how they will achieve those goals.

At Videosupport you will get to make technical decisions that directly affect thousands of customers on a daily basis, and get the opportunity to shape our product architecture.

We are a remote-first company — every role is open to 100% remote candidates. If you prefer an office, we got you covered.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Initial 25-minute call

  2. Technical challenge - The technical challenge takes most candidates a few hours to complete, and it involves an abstract programming problem where we expect candidates to show us their best skills. We’re language-agnostic and candidates can choose any programming language they prefer.

  3. Technical interview

  4. Reference check

They ensure that the process is predictable (they will always inform candidates about the next steps), punctual and open (they communicate very openly and will always give a clear decision and appropriate feedback).

Fully remote
Budget to spend on new equipment (laptop, monitor, etc.)
Equity pool distributed at the end of each year for all employees
Unlimited time off
Tech Stack

Application and Data