About My Claims Centre


Manchester, UK

Company Size


What we do

We a claims management company that helps customer get set right for mis doings by banks, lenders and any other large companies they wouldn't be able to win against on their own.

Why Work For Us

We're a relatively new company that is only recently moving its operations into tech to expand further. We have huge plans for the coming year and are looking for a Dev capable of growing into the roll of CTO and helping us across our entire operation with expansion & optimisation.

Our Culture

We like to keep things light but make sure the works done, all the directors are very hands on and easy going. We're a results focused operation and as long as everyones performing

Our Engineering Processes

Our current apps are built on FlutterFlow and we use a number of automation tools to connect with pipedrive, zapier, make and our dialling system. These all need upgrading and we are open to new ways we can streamline our processes.

Our Hiring Process

Initially we would want to have a interview to establish if you would be a good fit for our plans, we would then want to see details of past projects and completed works, we would also like to run some tests to establish capability. If we establish it to be a good fit for both parties we will discuss any offers.