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🎯 Preparing for your new role

You succeeded in your job search which is worth celebrating! So first, do something you enjoy to commemorate this achievement. Then you can start preparing to start your new job.

Beginning a new role is a challenge. It’s a completely new space with new responsibilities. You’ll need to learn how the team works and how to do the work itself. But you can set yourself up to win by preparing a few things.

Have your office setup ready

If you’re working in-office, visit the office one or two times before your first day. You may have done so during the interview process, in which case you’ll be set to find it easily making sure you’re on time on day one.

For those with a remote office setup, neaten it up and perhaps add a new personal flair (such as a new poster, family photo or a pot plant) to acknowledge the next step in your career. It may seem small, but it can help add a change you don’t get from setting up in a new office.

Do more research

Review the job description to see if there’s any basic upskilling you can do in the meantime. Read up on the latest news about the company or what they’ve been posting on their social media platforms. Go through their website again to see if there’s anything you’ve missed.

Keep communicating with the company

It's a good idea to keep in touch with the hiring team right up until your start date. Missing any improtant details may mean you aren’t sufficiently set up for your new role, making the transition more challenging. Besides that, your new employer will be impressed with your proactive approach to taking on your new role.

Here are a few things you could clarify at this stage:

  • Make sure you are on the same page with the company on when your start date is, where you’ll need to be and at what time.
  • If you are receiving delivered equipment, ask them when you can expect to receive it at least three weeks before the start date.
  • If you haven’t already, check if there’s anything you need to prepare.

Get in the zone

Get excited! You’re moving into the next part of your career. You’ve undergone a challenging job search process and come out on the other side with new opportunities for growth.