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πŸ“‘ Create your portfolio

Before a company is interested in scheduling a meeting with you over a call or in person, the first introduction they have is your CV, cover letter, and online presence. Ensuring you’re best represented in these will assist you in securing the first meeting with a company. We recommend:

  • Creating a clear and concise CV.
  • Writing a basic outline of a cover letter.
  • Addressing your online presence - this could be creating or improving your GitHub profile, website or social media profiles.
  • Creating, completing or cleaning up your projects in portfolio format.

It will be essential to show off your technical skills before a company reaches out to you. Choose a project that you are passionate about, so you can explain it in your interview in a way that makes an impression on the interviewer. Here are some resources that will help you start your own project:

Get your template!

Be sure to make these unique: