South African developer hiring resources

South Africa's tech industry is a thriving marketplace if you're looking to hire beyond your borders. We've gathered key insights from the developer community to give you all the software developer trends in South Africa.

Trends from the South African developer community

Take a look at the trends and insights from our largest data report, the annual State of South Africa's Software Developer Nation Report.

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South African developer salaries have increased — The highest paying roles are on the backend.

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Education and Learning

1 in 4 South African developers with a degree majored in STEM subjects – Self-taught coders use online tutorials.

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Tech Trends

South African developers are excited about Cryptocurrency and Python — AWS is winning the cloud wars.

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Job Search

1 in 4 South African developers are looking to move jobs in the next 12 months — A good work-life balance is the number one reason they’re staying.

Software developer salary trends in the South African tech industry

Win at hiring South African developers, take a closer look at the trends to help with benchmarking and budgeting.

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