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TypeScript Origins: The Documentary

From the heroes of TypeScript

Featuring TypeScript creator Anders Hejlsberg and other influential TypeScript community members, the TypeScript Origins documentary tells the story of how and why TypeScript came to be and how the technology and surrounding community have grown since TypeScript's initial release.
‍The nature of TypeScript means its team must have an incredible amount of empathy for its users. You can see that, too, in the documentary. Developers unfamiliar with TypeScript's journey will be pleasantly surprised, I think, to see how much understanding for the world of JavaScript shines through the technical leaders such as Anders and Erich.I'm particularly excited for where the TypeScript community goes after the storyline of the documentary. Now that TypeScript is solidifying as the way to make web apps, the future explorations it touches on have the potential to again exponentially improve how we approach web development.

Josh Goldberg, TypeScript Community Advocate
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