Build an LLM app with LangChain

Join an IRL "Learn through play" Make Day, building and applying LLM together with other developers from your city

  • πŸ‘‰ Have fun and learn more about AI and LLMs
  • πŸ‘‰ Connect with other like-minded developers in your city
  • πŸ‘‰ Get awesome swag
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Build an LLM app with LangChain

During this Make Event we'll build an LLM app together with other devs. In the process, we'll deepen our learning and skills on:
πŸ”— Understanding how prompt chains work
πŸ€– Connecting to external tools
πŸ“š Querying documentation
  • Who*: Software Developers, by application only
  • When: Evenings 6:00pm - 8:30pm CET
    Upcoming Dates: Amsterdam 7 June | Berlin 28 June
  • Where: TNW Amsterdam | Central Berlin
  • Cost: Qualifying developers are sponsored by our sponsors
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* Limited spots available per event | Software Developers only
LLM n00bs through to experts, as it's learning through building, not against a set curriculum.

What can you do to extend the project after you're done?

Connect your LLM agent to hardware to get readings and enable automations

Implement vector databases and embeddings to increase context for your LLM

Connect your LLM agent to communications APIs

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What is a Make Event?

A Make Event is a gathering of curated Software Developers, who get together to build and play with awesome tech. The previous course was "Build a Self-Watering Plant" with Arduino ESP8266.
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What is Make?

The OfferZen Make community has over 3000 Software Developers, with a passion for learning new things. OfferZen believes that true potential is unlocked when Software Developers are free to play with tech - so that's why they're investing in building the Make community.
To find out more about Make, read our Manifesto here.

Who can attend?

Qualifying Software Developers.
To qualify, you need:

  • To be a Software Developer
  • Have experience coding
  • In or near Amsterdam or Berlin

How much does it cost?

Nada, nothing, zippo!

Make Events are sponsored by OfferZen and community sponsors, to continue to give the Developer community access to learning new things.

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Attendees From Top European Companies

What other makers are saying

β€œI loved the event. We built the self watering plant and then brainstormed ideas on how much home automation can be built with simple hardware. Everyone built on each other’s ideas, to come up with something amazing."

Abhinav Suryawanshi

Full stack Java Developer, Adyen

"The fact that we were focused on learning while building software made for a really unique event experience. I also enjoyed working with other developers. We decided to pair program and worked on the problem together."

Ridhwana Khan

Co-founder, Zero One

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