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Hiring Tips & Insights: The Importance of Engaging Remote New-Joiners
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The Importance of Engaging Remote New-Joiners

12 May 2020, by Jomiro Eming

In a remote setup, it’s even more important than usual to ensure that your new-joiners feel well set up for their new role, can connect with the rest of the team, and feel like they can reach out for help whenever needed.

That’s why we are asking tech leaders in our community for a few quick tips on how they approach onboarding in their own teams. Here are the insights from Laila Kramer, Head of People at SPAN Digital.


Laila Kramer, Head of People at SPAN Digital

Developing organisational ‘embeddedness’ and integration are a priority when hiring and onboarding. The experience a new-joiner has in a company within the first three months of joining determines whether they become a loyal, high-performing and engaged employee.

It’s critical to ensure that the onboarding experience they have online is as good as the one they have in the office. It won’t be the same - and it needn’t be! - but it has to be so positive that it elicits the same level of delight in the new-joiner.

Communication and engagement are more important than ever.

That’s why all staff are encouraged to connect with the new-joiner - managers and leads included. We also appoint key people to act as ‘buddies’ to regularly check in with the new-joiner.

We create company wide online activities that require participation from all: Virtual coffee dates and introductions, open Zoom rooms, online events, games, competitions and Q&A’s via video conferencing platforms and Slack can go a long way to create camaraderie, boost morale, and make the new-joiner feel welcome and included. That way, nobody flies under the radar. It also really helps to make sure everyone feels responsible for making a new-joiner feel a sense of belonging.

Err on the side of caution, and over-communicate. Make sure that everybody responsible for onboarding understands the importance and significance of doing it well. Rather assume someone knows less than they do, and repeat information if necessary. That way, nothing slips through the cracks!

If you’ve had to onboard someone remotely, let us know in the comments below what has helped you set up your team and your new-joiner well! We always love hearing from you, and would love to know if any of the above has been useful for you and your teams!

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