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Tech Career Insights: Netherlands Meetups for Women in Tech
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Netherlands Meetups for Women in Tech

08 July 2021, by Anthea Hartzenberg

Do you want to find tech events for women to connect with other female developers, broaden your network and learn new skills? Here’s a list of meetups in the Netherlands!

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Other amazing tech communities:



Part of a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam that fosters diversity and inclusion in technology and entrepreneurship, by providing an open and safe community for under-represented demographics to explore their interests and potential. Their goal is to provide opportunities for under-represented individuals to share their passions, learnings, stories, projects, or challenges they overcame. Events include technical workshops and topics, as well as career advice, leadership and mental health.

PyLadies Amsterdam


The local chapter of PyLadies, this meetup exists to promote diversity and inclusivity in the Python community. Their events include workshops, group discussions, talks about practical experience, mentorship. The organising team also aims to provide a safe community space for marginalized genders who are interested in Python.

Coding on Heels


Coding on Heels is a Global Community for Women in Tech to inspire each other. They offer a safe place for women in tech to share ideas, challenges, side projects and knowledge with each other. They also talk about the latest tech developments and news.

Together in Tech NL


Together in tech was born from the desire to create a tech community that looks like the world their members want to live in — diverse and hopeful and empathetic and kind. Their main goal is providing a space where people can connect - with themselves and others. Together in Tech NL host workshops, meetups, talks and occasional dance parties.

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