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OfferZen Updates: Levelling Up Tech Hiring: Advice from Tech Makers
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Levelling Up Tech Hiring: Advice from Tech Makers

07 October 2020, by Brendan Jansen op de Haar

Hiring tech talent can be hard – and that’s why it’s so important to take the guesswork out of it. To hire the right people, you need to know what a great candidate for your team looks like so that you can give them an outstanding interview experience.

Arjen de Ruiter, VP of Engineering at Sendcloud, joined us online to discuss how tech and recruitment teams can work together to understand what an ideal candidate looks like and how they can customise their hiring process to win that ‘unicorn’ over.


Berk Gökden and Kieren Davies, two developers who’ve just started new jobs, also jumped in to share what they loved and hated most about their most recent interviewing processes.


Check out the video recording of the event here.

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