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Resources: Dinocorn Riding into 2021: Zoom Background & Wallpapers
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Dinocorn Riding into 2021: Zoom Background & Wallpapers

30 August 2021, by Megan Boshoff


With 2020 drawing to a close, it’s been exciting to reflect on what the tech community has achieved despite this rollercoaster of a year! We’ve learned so much from all of you about thriving in the new normal: From the conversations we’ve had on our podcast, to the articles you’ve written for our blog, the projects that the Programmable Banking Community has built and the insights you shared with us in our second #DevNationSurvey, it’s been wild and we can’t wait for what next year has in store!

To say thank you, here’s a fresh new wallpaper for a fresh new year!

Zoom background:

P.S. This is a moving background. Remember to right-click and select ‘save video as’.


Desktop wallpaper:


Mobile wallpaper:


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