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Tech Career Insights: Amsterdam Meetups with a Global Network
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Amsterdam Meetups with a Global Network

08 July 2021, by Anthea Hartzenberg

Some tech meetups are so awesome, they have a global network of events! Here’s a list of those in Amsterdam.

Are we missing a meetup? Leave a comment or add your meetup to our events page by getting in touch!

Other amazing tech communities:

PyLadies Amsterdam


The local chapter of PyLadies, this meetup exists to promote diversity and inclusivity in the Python community. Their events include workshops, group discussions, talks about practical experience, mentorship. Their global network covers Asia, Africa, North and South America and of course Europe. Check out all their chapters here.

GOTO Amsterdam


GOTO Meetups are free community events by the GOTO Amsterdam team. Their mission is to bring together the creators and builders of the tools and technologies that people use everyday along with the thought leaders who highlight what’s coming next. They’re part of a network that includes GOTO Amsterdam, GOTO Copenhagen, GOTOpia Chicago and GOTOpia Europe. They host a mix of online and IRL meetups, Masterclasses and Conferences, covering technical and non-technical topics.

Ironhack Amsterdam


Ironhack is on a mission to create the next generation of digital creators. Their online and IRL courses help people take their first steps in programming and UX design. Through their Meetup, they host workshops and events covering all things tech. Chapters include Berlin, São Paulo, Lisbon, Barcelona and more.

ServerlessDays Amsterdam


ServerlessDays Amsterdam is a developer-oriented conference about serverless technologies. They host practical sessions in which developers share their experience and lessons from real-world projects. ServerlessDays Amsterdam is part of ServerlessDays, a global series of events around the world fostering communities around serverless technologies.

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