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Tech insights: AI and IoT Meetups in the Netherlands
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AI and IoT Meetups in the Netherlands

04 August 2021, by Anthea Hartzenberg

AI-IoT_Meetups in the Netherlands

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Other amazing tech communities:

Amsterdam Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

This Meetup brings you the latest happenings in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Big Data. Hosted by H2O.ai, their goal is to bring together data enthusiasts to discuss trending topics in the world of AI. They regularly invite industry influencers and thought leaders to talk shop on all things data science.

Eindhoven Internet of Things

This Meetup is for anyone interested in building, designing, sharing and making the Internet of Things. They meet fairly regularly, aiming to meet at least once a month. Their speakers usually include inspiring practitioners sharing a broad range of technical, design and social perspectives focused on increasing access and creating value with IoT. They also host practical workshops

Internet-of-Things Sensemakers

IoT-SensemakersAMS is a volunteer based community dedicated to connecting people and sharing knowledge, ideas & hands-on experience. They welcome everyone, technical, non-technical or just interested. Their events include showcasing DIY projects, collaborating on IoT projects, sharing knowledge and ideas, and of course connecting people. ** **

IoT Amsterdam DIY Raspberry Pi / Arduino, AI & Python

This IoT community was started to support DIY, Internet of Things, computer and electronics enthusiasts. They have an IRL place, the 020TecMakerHub, to learn about and explore. The space is open every week for a weekly meetup about new technology and new trends. They also run courses and workshops for beginners to experienced developers.


dair.ai is a community effort to democratize Artificial Intelligence research, education, and technologies. Not only do they run regular online events, they also have an active Slack community and newsletter. Their topics range from technical learnings to soft skills and study group sessions.

Amsterdam AI

Amsterdam AI is a community that brings startups, corporates and academics in the AI sphere together to understand the current state of these technologies, its value add for businesses, and what is in store for the near future. This is Amsterdam’s quarterly AI summit for applied ML, Deep Learning, Augmented Intelligence, NLP, Neural Networks… all things Applied Artificial Intelligence. Their talks and round tables explore trends, industry insights and practicable approaches of applying technologies around the analysis of text, audio, image, video, and structured data.

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