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πŸ€” Your options for equipping developers

Making sure your new joiners have everything they need to do their work is critical for a smooth onboarding experience. You need to set up an efficient system for delivering, maintaining and offboarding equipment for new developers on your team.

There are a few options available to equip developers, regardless of whether they are working remotely or not.

Make use of an external service provider​

There are multiple services available that handle the equipment lifecycle in its entirety on your behalf, from procurement to offboarding. Examples of these services include Hofy and Workwize.


  • It saves time and internal resources as they take care of everything on your behalf.
  • There is consistency in the type of equipment you can offer across your regions, the time it takes to deliver that equipment, and the amount of stock available.
  • It can add to the team and the candidate’s experience of picking equipment on a dedicated platform, instead of doing so manually.


  • It’s not a mature industry, and using a new solution typically needs extra buy-in from the stakeholders within a company.
  • The initial cost per employee will be more expensive than just purchasing a device, this is because the price factors in the entire lifecycle of that piece of equipment.

Organise independent vendors​

Alternatively, you can use dedicated vendor services for the different parts of the lifecycle. This can include the following:

  • Use a regional retailer to choose and deliver equipment. Examples include CDW in the US, and Electric in Europe.
  • Outsource your maintenance and support: Use a local IT support company for any issues that might crop up.
  • Asset management and inventory management: These are dedicated online services to track all your equipment, including Setyl and Airtable, for example.
  • Have vendors for the collection of equipment and delivery to a new location: This can include setting up a business agreement with UPS or FedEX, for example.


  • You have ownership of the process end-to-end yourself if you prefer a close overview of the decision-making in the process.
  • If you have strong working relationships with trusted vendors already, you can maintain that instead of having to replace these services.


  • It is more time-consuming to manage vendors across the different phases of the equipment lifecycle.
  • Depending on the regions you’re servicing, you might need a different set of vendors for each region which can impact your costs.

If you manage your own supply network, it might be a good idea to appoint someone in a dedicated role to handle the responsibility, such as a Procurement Manager.

Appointing someone in a role like this will prevent you from delegating these tasks to different departments. where it’s not part of their normal jobs β€” which can cause inefficiency and resentment among your team.

Their responsibilities can include:

  • Managing your relationships with different suppliers
  • Managing communication and alignment between departments
  • Tracking your current and incoming stock

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