Employer FAQ

What does OfferZen do exactly?

We help companies hire software developers in full-time positions.

Employers on OfferZen see a curated list of developers who are actively looking for work. They’re able to reach out to any of these developers by sending them an interview request. The developer will respond by accepting or declining your request.

If the developer accepts, you schedule an interview and following your normal hiring process.

How do you curate developers?

We’re a team of developers who have experience doing technical hiring ourselves. We consider a wide variety of criteria that includes formal education, work history and side projects. If the developer has code available, like on Github or BitBucket, we review it.

What type of developer can we expect?

We work with talented developers of all levels of experience, using both open-source and closed-source stacks. Companies have hired junior employees, CTOs and everything in between through OfferZen.

Note: We’re not a good platform for finding developers specializing in very niche languages or frameworks.

Can we hire part-time or contract developers?

No. Currently we’re only working with companies hiring for full time positions.

What does OfferZen cost to use?

Signing up for OfferZen is free. If you hire someone through OfferZen we charge 12.5% of first year salary. If things don't work out with the developer in the first 3 months, we'll give you the entire fee back. Have a look at our terms and conditions.

Want to know how it works for developers?

We’ve designed OfferZen to be an amazing experience for developers. Because of that OfferZen attracts the best developers in South Africa, even those that don’t work with recruiters or use job boards.

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