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Leaders in the Fintech space with products being used in SouthAfrica, USA, Botswana and Namibia. BigData and complex queries is our game. VeriShare has built many products over the last 20 years.

This is a debt collecting product, that captures all your CRM details and contract specifications, and can accommodate any conceivable client contract scenario. Once the contract is captured correctly the software will automatically manage payments, commissions payable, interest calculations and debt collectors expenses and fees.

VeriNet allows you to do the capturing of accounts manually, as well as importing electronic handover files - no human errors! An excellent feature of VeriNet is the fact that it can handle massive volumes of data. The bigger the handover the better! Business rules regulates actions by the collector to restrict activities and expenses and fees to the parameters set out in the different acts, and covers at least 99.99% of all debt collectors efforts.

VeriNet produces several financial and management reports showing management how their company is performing on various aspects of the debt collecting process.

Predictive Dialler
Verishare is also responsible for their own dialler that can integrate into any CRM, including VeriNet and tools such as Salesforce. You can set up dialler campaigns and the dialler will do the rest.

Learning Management System
Verishare has built a learning management system for their own internal training and clients. You as a business owner can easily plug and play, write and distribute your own content.

Is a communication tool that you can plug and play any form or type of communication, from WhatsApp to Text, to email services onto your CRMs and workplace.

They are also responsible for the launch and support services of VeriCred Credit Bureau.

Why Work For Us

If you want to work for a product house, learning about big data, and building products from scratch, being empowered to learn from a team who is eager to teach you how you integrate, manage, write queries and keep data secure. This will be the place to be.

Our Culture

VeriShare is compassionate about building in-house products for their clients. They like to experiment and will give any eager developer, who is willing to learn a chance on building in-house products. Verishare is based in Potchefstroom, and although they work hard, they do enjoy the freedom of driving from work to home in 5 minutes, and things on the country side are slightly more relaxed.

Our Engineering Processes

We work Agile as best we can, but accommodative and adapt as and how the need of the product and clients adapts.

Our Hiring Process

Any person that is keen to join, will be required to have a formal interview with the MD and Technical Director of the company, and if they feel it is a good culture fit, they will ask you to complete a technical assessment and possibly a personality test, to see if you are a good culture fit.

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