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Ferndale on Republic, Shop U7, Republic Road, Ferndale, Randburg,2194

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What we do

Uconomy Platform is an integral part of the Unexus Group and is focused on the management of internal and external communication of the group, and thus supporting the successful implementation of holistic, and sustainable community development.

The Group operates two primary entities: Uconomy & Uconomy Youth (previously UnlockD):

  • Uconomy Youth, formed in 2015, currently employs 80 permanent staff and utilises 10 subcontractors. The company’s main focus is the implementation of youth development projects - YES Youth, SETA-accredited learnerships and workplace experience.

  • Uconomy, formed in 2019, currently employs 20 permanent staff and utilises 5 subcontractors. The company’s main focus is the development of SMMEs in order to add economic value to the community it operates in, as well as creating local jobs. A majority of the youth participating in Uconomy Youth programmes will be placed with these SMMEs with the aim of creating permanent employment opportunities.

The Uconomy Platform is the online link enabling Uconomy and Uconomy Youth to successfully work together in achieving the Group's strategic goals. Not only do we link unemployed youth to workplace experience, training and job opportunities, but we also provide SMMEs with access to markets and possible funding. We act as a Virtual Co-Op for SMMEs, support and connect our network of SMMEs, youth, corporate clients and funders.
In addition to these external functions, the Uconomy Platform is also used for internal business-, project- and process management of all the companies in our group.

Why Work For Us

By being part of the greater Unexus team, you'll be using your skills and talent to help with much-needed economic development and creation of job opportunities in areas that don't have this readily available. We are not an NGO and rely on clients to keep us going, so pride and quality of work is as important as our impact.

Our Culture

Being a fairly new and fast-growing company, our culture is still in the development phase. We don't have set Friday drinks or once-a-month team building, but we are supportive and all hands on deck to sort out issues and meet deadlines. Our environment is high pressure due to regulatory requirements, and because stress levels can sometimes spike, we allow staff a lot of freedom to create a working environment to suit their personality. We value teamwork as well as independent thinking, and have no time for micro management.

Our Hiring Process

We interview at least 3 candidates for a position. The preferred candidate will then return for a second interview with the relevant Head of Department. If successful, negotiating and contracting will start.

Tech Stack

Application and Data