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Skypiom is a SABPP (South African Board for People Practices) endorsed software solutions company that develops and implements a very powerful cloud-based learning platform that can be applied on an eLearning basis but also supports classroom training.

Skypiom has deeply ingrained the Kirkpatrick four levels of training evaluation within its platform - the Knowledge Management System. This gives rise to being able to not only measure the student reaction (level 1) and learning metrics (level 2) but also changes in student behaviour effected by training (level 3) as well as the results such as return on expectations (level 4). The true value of any training environment is being able to objectively quantify levels 3 and 4.

Skypiom’s main differentiating factor is granular measurability surrounding the entire training environment however the platform hosts a number of firsts such as access from any operating system, even smartphones, never seen before comparability, practical & observational training and measuring capabilities, formative / summative and portfolio of evidence capabilities, integrated micro-learning environment, SCORM and open-source content support, facilitator measurement and support, learner verification, classroom and moderation support, performance management, eCommerce as well as an interactive group quizzing tool.

While the Knowledge Management System (KMS) encompasses many features of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), the KMS has truly tackled the training scenario from a different angle.

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