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About Us

We design and build human-centered systems that use technology to transform businesses. Our products aim to reach everyone in Africa and push the boundaries of digital user experience to deliver delightful and unexpected results.

We believe in the power of co-creation. The collaboration between our design, development and production teams is something we like to extend to our clients, who are active participants in all our processes. We partner with them to create purpose-driven, relevant and functional experiences that achieve measurable business objectives.

Our technology has been designed from the ground up to support population-scale audiences in the African environment, and we have a track-record of creating, and importantly, maintaining, some of the most robust systems across the continent. Our physical presence across the continent, coupled with our 24/7 response times, dedicated teams, and responsive and iterative development process make us uniquely suited to tackling African technology challenges.

We believe that digital interfaces will be the primary means through which people will discover, share, experience and transact with the leading companies in Africa in the future.

How We Work

Praekelt designs & builds human-centered systems using technology that transform business at scale. Our products aim to connect the next two billion people to digital products. We rely on deep synthesis and collaboration between our strategy, design and engineering teams to produce exceptional results.
We believe in the power of co-creation. Our clients are active participants in the product development process. We partner with our clients to make purpose-driven, relevant and functional experiences that achieve measurable business objectives.


As the most used messaging platform across most of the world, it’s no secret that this is where you need to be if you want to chat to your customers in a comfortable, natural space. But with our Natural Language Understanding powers, this is much more than just WhatsApp for Business – it’s a safe space that means less real time for you, and more real-time engagement with your clients.


Feersum is our chatbot engine that builds custom bots that can integrate with WhatsApp, Facebook, web and native apps. It uses Natural Language Understanding to create real comprehension of users and how they speak, so it can meet their needs, your needs, and solve both your problems.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Chatbots don’t have to be limited to button-clicking and phrase repetition. Natural Language Understanding is the art of, well, understanding natural language. It learns how users speak, type and act. And it can be done in multiple languages too, so our chatbots can have real conversations with users and speak their language.

Software Design & Platform Development

Building on open-source platforms we’ve adopted, our engineers create large-scale systems where every component does one thing, and does it well. We build on specific platforms we have adopted, including Python as the primary language, Django for web development, Twisted for asynchronous services, and PostgreSQL as relational database.

What's Important to Us


We have an amazing team of people working at Praekelt. We have a fairly flat hierarchy and as we're a growing business, there is plenty of room for you to grow within the company or find a new niche for yourself which enables you to further develop your interests and skills.

Flexible work environment

We have offices in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch - we work hard to create an inspiring work space in our offices because we want you to have the opportunity to interact with colleagues, but we still offer flexibility in whether you work from home or the office.


We're passionate about technology and see it as a way to amplify all that we do. Our engineering team is constantly researching and testing new tools and processes, and using open source with the ability to rapidly iterate and test, we compete head to head with traditional IT vendors and platforms.

Our Hiring Process

We believe it's important to take the time needed to make sure we find new team members that will fit in well with the team and our ways of working. We prefer not to rush our hiring process to ensure that we have time to really get to you well and to give you time to get to know us and be comfortable that Praekelt really is the right company for you. Once you've joined us, we hope you'll build a long career with us, so we believe that time spent upfront is a good investment.

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