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MethodData is a Solutions company, focused on the creation of integrated dataflow and workflows between applications and systems, enabling fluid, automated and intelligent Sales & Marketing Operations.

A critical part of MethodData’s core competency lies in building API integrations between HubSpot and 3rd party applications, and between 3rd party applications and HubSpot. This enables companies to streamline operations and stay ahead of the competition by:

· Automating laborious and mundane tasks that become time-sucks on productivity
· Integrating with current business applications that are used every day by Sales & Marketing Teams
· Enhancing product innovation by automating workflows that enrich the end-user experience
· Extracting and correlating critical information into useful Sales & Marketing Operations visualizations

These business service-oriented integrations become essential when one considers the explosion of cloud-based applications and tools that all businesses rely on today. MethodData uses our experience in API integrations throughout the Hubspot ecosystem to enable companies to piece together vital applications into attractive and meaningful visualizations customized to their specific business needs. Much of the data required for these visualizations are sourced from innumerous data sources and retained and managed in back-end systems, leveraging best-of-breed microservices architected environments in Hyperscaler Clouds (AWS today).

MethodData uses these connections and data retrievals to build data and reporting products for HubSpot Enterprise users. Our dashboarding and reporting products allow deep analytical insight and reporting of trends and opportunities in HubSpot CRM and Marketing data. Why Hubspot specifically? Hubspot is built by Marketing people for Marketing People. It wasn’t really designed for Salespeople. HubSpot currently lacks a robust and flexible reporting tool that can help answer complex business questions.

Additionally, HubSpot does not provide the ability to analyze trends in snapshots of data. Our HubSpot data warehousing product allows complex queries and reports to be run over a long time horizon. Method Data puts the human touch into the HubSpot platform by providing meaningful internally facing Sales metrics.

Why Work For Us

We're fun but professional. If you enjoy the balance of being in the trenches and working hard with a group of like-minded, good-humored individuals, that like to get stuff done and win, there's you're looking at the right company. We're small but motivated, and you'll be joining at the early stages of what will be a fast-growing and valuable company. And with that growth comes celebrations together - whether that's in the US or SA.

Our Culture

We take culture super-seriously. We want team players, that like to learn and offer something in return to the rest of the team, and our customers that are all close partners. Bring your humor, bring your wit, bring your talent. no bs, blame or or hiding - we're here to work together as a productive team.

Our Engineering Processes

We're agile, leveraging best-of-breed frameworks, tools, and cloud technologies from containers to containerless, and producing no-code, low-code solutions for our partners. 1-Week Sprints with continuous responsive design mentality -working closely with customers and partners to deliver on customer outcomes that hit the spot.

Our Hiring Process

Generally, our process involves four stages: 1) executive vetting to assess cultural fit, and customer-facing attributes; 2) conceptual thinking, experience and personality traits that make you suitable to our distributed work environment; 3) Engineering Discussion with our tech team; 4) Technical assessment with Q&A. We'll be looking for high energy, enthusiasm, cultural fit and good attitude.

Potential Travel opportunities as the year unfolds
Global work-place facilitation. Take us with you on your nomadic travel.
Flexible work-hours if needed - but a general need for overlap with US hours
Casual dress code, but we ask for a shirt when meeting with customers
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
React Native
Amazon Lambda



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