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Why Indie

South Africa, and the world in general, has a rising problem with inequality. Inequality as measured by material gains is not a problem in itself, but inequality of opportunity which often leads from these gains is.

For too long, financial services has played their role in perpetuating this. Better products and advice for wealthier clients (think stock broking, comprehensive insurance etc). Lower quality, basic funeral cover and destructive loans for the poor.

Technology allows many areas to level the playing fields. And this is true in financial services.

Indie is a Design Company that makes world-class financial products and experiences which are often available solely to the rich, and open them to everyone who can access the internet. Not only that, but we do it better than the stuff the rich get.

Indie looks, feels and works like a technology startup, but with the backing and expertise of a leading South African insurance and investment giant, Sanlam.

Our Principles

First, We Understand.
We cannot solve a problem we don’t understand. We prioritise understanding a problem over solving it. That means we get to know a person before selling to them. It means that as a team we are listening, thinking, asking questions. Always.

When Clients Succeed, We Succeed.
Our business priorities are our customer’s priorities. This means we will always build products that profit the user first, and us by implication . When the client loses, we lose. For example, personal loans are very profitable for a business, but are generally harmful to clients.

We’re Our Own First Customers.

We build the kind of products that we want to use. We prioritise product ideas that inspire us. If the product or experience is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for our clients.

We’re Generous
We’re always looking for ways to give our clients, and our staff more. Sometimes that means money, but more often it means more freedom, knowledge, productivity, rest. We’re generous, not because we’re nice, but because we’re selfish enough to know that giving more ultimately gets us more.

We’re Frugal
We spend money where it matters – making our people more capable and productive and making our clients happier and better served. Anything else we think twice about – managing company money like it’s our own.

We’re a Company of Makers not Managers
We do not have, nor do we aspire to have a management driven culture at Indie. Leaders lead from the trenches, working with their colleagues to deliver the best products.

We’re Transparent.

To our clients, that means we say what we mean and mean what we say. We stay away from jargon, obfuscation and hiding our agendas. As a team that means we’re inclusive, we share ideas freely, we include everyone in our process - not just the results.

We Defer & Trust Each Other
Transparency and deference empowers our best people, with the best information to make the best decisions. In any project or task, everyone has access to the work a team is conducting to voice and share ideas, feedback and thinking. But we always defer to and trust the person responsible for the execution and outcome of the task.

We Nurture Diversity In All Its Forms.
We are building products for everyone, not just the rich. Not just men. Not just the young. Not just the white. To that end we embrace all forms of diversity be it under represented people groups or skillsets. We are diverse in our thinking and approach to our work too. We don’t entertain wild ideas – we research and prototype them

We’re Biased Towards Making.
Documents and meetings are important. But what it infinitely better is a prototype. Wherever we can can we show our intentions and ideas through making.

We Build Good Products.

Good trumps easy. Good trumps price. Good trumps profit. We’d rather do nothing than do something poorly.

Why Work For Us

We hire smart people, give them a great working environment, great tools, a noble mission and get the hell out of their way so they can be great at their practice and help us deliver great products and realise our ambitions.

Based in Cape Town
Competitive salary
Steady supply of good coffee
No dress code
Remote Working
Flexible Leave Policy
Performance based bonus
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Google Apps
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Indie's launch
Peter (CEO) at the Indie launch

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